Serious case of chocolatitis and its cure

I just look back at my few posts and notice that I am having a sugar craving low or is it high?  I shall blame it on the hormones and meantime, enjoy the bounty.

Few days ago, I went shopping with an empty stomach.  Bad news.  Never go shopping when you are feeling peckish because you tend to buy more foods than you need.  Anyway, I was so hungry  and there wasn’t any decent place to eat at the place I was at.  Only Starbucks, Coffee Beans, KFC and Dome.  So, this is what I bought:

Ritter Sport, Rum and Raisins.  It is the best-est chocolate where nuts and raisins are concerned.  Only RM7.99 per piece.  BTW, it contains alchohol so not suitable for Muslims.  But they have many other flavours and a whole box of assorted flavours only costs RM21 for four blocks.

If you like nuts, in particular almond, you will like Whittaker Almond Gold because it is filled with lots and lots of whole almonds.  I think it is RM4+ per piece.

My kid’s favourite.  Meiji Choco Baby which is tiny nips of chocolates.  I prefer buying this for him than M&Ms because it has no colourings and the chocolate is very smooth and milky, as with all Japanese made chocolates.

(I have another brand of chocolate, Baci but will make one post just for that.)

3 Replies to “Serious case of chocolatitis and its cure”

  1. I love Ritter Sport! And they have Kit Kat Temptations in Australia that is totally to die for! And the wide range of chocolate here…I’ve only been here for 3 months and I’ve gained so much weight. Sigh…chocolates…

  2. My favs is Cote D’Or – can be found in Cold Storage at very hefty price compared to country of origin- with that price i can buy 2 pkts of 400 g chocs in Belgium… 🙁 Others are Callebaut & Galler BUT pralines is always top of my list… My favs are Neuhaus, Godiva and homemade chocolate by chocolatiers. Some family business chocolatiers provide samples of their wares before you purchase them! Well, even though it’s cut pieces (or scraps… :-P) customers can taste it and make up their mind while in queue. I missed the orange sticks in chocolate. Well, I’ll be back in October to satisfy my pangs!

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