Recipe : Nasi Goreng, pedas-pedas please

The bane of cooking for one.  I have to do that for lunch if I do not want to eat kids’ foods.  The easiest thing to do is to fry rice.  Therefore, I always cook extra rice for dinner and keep them in the fridge in an airtight container.

This is my sambal sotong  fried rice.  I used the canned sambal sotong, slice them into thin rings and  fried the rice with its gravy.  Add an egg.  Put them on a bed of butterhead lettuce.  One meal on its own.  The order is heat oil, add some garlic and onions if you are not too lazy to cut them up, put in the canned sotong and some gravy, put in rice, fry and open up a space in the wok and knock in an egg.

It has been raining these few days and it is very cold.  So, I fancy some hot, spicy rice.  So, what I did today was to heat some oil, add in some ikan bilis and dried shrimps and fry them till fragrant and crispy.  Put in rice and a big, dollop of sambal belacan which I bought from the supermarket.  Fry them.  Then, fry an egg separately.

Eat that with a mug of kopi-o kau.  Best thing in the world.  Next mission is to attack that bottle of tomyam sauce to make fried rice.

Frankly, any idiot can fry a decent fried rice because it is basically is ‘mixing rice in the wok’ action.  Just don’t overdo the rice by adding too many fancy stuffs which tastes clash.  I fry rice for my toddler very often.  Just one handful of rice, one egg and a few dashes of Maggi seasoning and some drops of soya sauce.

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  1. I’m doing your style of nasi goreng for my son lunch box. Easy. I cant put too much vege in it, but one thing I know is, at least he is eating proper food. Here in Perth, 15 minutes of their lunch is spend eating in the classroom, supervised by the teacher. So it is either buy some sausage rolls or meat pie, or make a simple bekal for the lunch box.

  2. Good idea,maybe i will try too, sounds enak juga, i am in sydney,raoining today, feel like a nasi goreng!!!!!

  3. Not any idiot la. My ex cannot churn out a decent fried rice. Fried rice must be dry and flavoursome – his was wet and blah.

  4. i am convinced to fry rice today for dinner. u make everything seems so easy. both ingredients and method wise. BTW, the leftover rice was from the chicken rice i made yesterday fr yr chicken rice recipe. It was a hit w DH. Thanks to the commentators on yr blog too. Follow some of their tips as well. Xie xie.

  5. emmmm bestnya when i see all this pictures….wantan, mee hun, nasi goreng…my godddddddddd i really miss all this foods….i know what u all thinking now??? yes i am at india now and cant enjoy our malaysian food…after i came to india only i realise there is no place and country like our contry…malaysia boleh

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