Gunung Brinchang, Cameron Highlands – 6,666 feet above sea level

I had been to Cameron Highlands for like 10 times? The last visit was last year and I am very sure Gunung Brinchang was off bounds. However, last Saturday, while we were driving up Sungai Palas, we stumbled on a road leading to Gunung Brinchang.

Before I proceed, I must warn that the road is very winding and narrow. Don’t attempt to drive if you are not expert in driving in bumpy, slopes with high gradient (those % ?) because you may need to give ways to oncoming traffics and avoiding potholes.

The distance from Sungai Palas was only five kilometre but I must tell you that five kilometre on a hill may takes you like, 20 minutes drive. Along the way, we dropped by a newly opened strawberry and animals farm. (I will dedicate a post for this place later on.)

We are always a curious bunch and once, both my husband and I have ascertain a place to be ‘not too risky’, we will pack the kids along. They are an adventurous , tough bunch there. It was very early morning, before 8 am and our car was the only one going uphill.

Mist enveloped the top of Gunung Brinchang, weather was cold and it was very windy. Woo…nice! The caretaker of the strawberry farm told us that we can see Ipoh City from the top of Gunung Brinchang but hah! we cannot even see beyond 15 feet due to the mist.

This pic has been intentionally blurred a bit (to hide my car reg. no.) , just a wee bit, the rest is mist.

I had a nice walk, albeit a short one because my hubby wanted to cool his car engine midway. So, I walked (I am not built for hiking) a bit and had a fantastic time taking photos of dew laden grass blades, wild flowers, wild berries that look so tempting (don’t ever try ‘cos they may be poisonous!), spider webs and even earth.

“Aren’t you afraid of snakes, scorpions and leeches?”

Well, one cannot be too careful and cautious. Normally, I walk slowly so as not to step on some baby snake which may caused mummy snake to attack me. Anyway, it is only a tar road and not some real jungle walk.

Sunrise at around 7am

So, the next time you are up in Cameron Highlands, head for Gunung Brinchang. There is nothing to see except a telecommunication tower and a wooden watch-out tower. But the view must be very fantastic, i.e. if there is no mist. Otherwise, the mist makes it magical because you can’t see the ugly, steel red & white tower.

My kid is up there on the tower but I won’t dare to climb it.

But please remember that you have to be decently good with driving uphill on winding road. I don’t want to risk sending droves of noob drivers off the ledge. Heh. I made a suggestion to a fellow blogger to go up to Gunung Brinchang, Cameron Highlands at 6am on 6th June, 06 and run naked for six hours and see if one can get to see satan (666 is believed by the Christians to denote satan)

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    (June 4, 2006 - 1:23 am)

    Dude, go to Mount Kinabalu n u see the sunrise from there. When u’re at the top, u’re ABOVE the clouds. How’s that?

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