Apam manis

It was a cold rainy morning and we were stucked in the car, hoping to get down for breakfast.  But the rain was pelting down, so we had to ditch the plan after waiting for several minutes.

The place is Solok Moulmein, off Pulau Tikus road. Directly across the Police Station.  At breakfast time, both sides of this junction have coffeeshops that do brisk business.  The one on the left, (not in the pic above) sells nice kuehs.  The one on the right, coffee shop name as first pic sells nice Siam and Asam Laksa during lunch time plus nice mamak mee goreng.

This coffeeshop has a stall selling Indian apam manis.  My son read about it from BadBoyBen’s website (on the 3rd page) and that’s why my hubby make a quick dash in the heavy rain to get the apam for him.  It is really soft, full of egg, instead of the sourish smell usually found from most stalls and really delicious.

You need to go early because they sold out fast.

Did I also tell you that if you take a walk a few shops down, along Jalan Pulau Tikus, you can find some char koay teow with squids?

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  1. hmm is there any other bigger shot? cannot really see the whole apam, so i am guessing it looks like the normal pancake my mom makes … 🙂

  2. i visited badboybens blog, and i know what it taste like, there is a stall in Petaling St – right in front of the Koon Kee Wantan Mee, which sells something like that, with rice flour and coconut milk.

  3. I love that apam. The last time when we were in Penang, my dad drove down to Pulau Tikus from Batu Feringhi where we were staying and bought lots of these apam back for us. Simply yummy stuff. So sad we can’t get the same kind here at all.

  4. hmmm there’s a rather nice hokkien mee stall in that coffeeshop that does brisk business in the morning too…

  5. Not kuih manis? Those days back in Kpg Melayu, there’s this old mamak selling apam manis & bubur kacang in the morning. Apam manis cicah bubur kacang sedap wohhhhh…..

  6. lilian, not only the char koay tiao with squid, you can notice there is a stall which sells the curry puff just besides the road, VERY umpphhhhh!!!!!
    I love the curry paste, very delicious! I think they would be there around 11am till 5pm. Grab before 4pm is the best.

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