Recipe : Hainanese Chicken Rice (only rice, ok?)

After my misdadventure of trying to get the best-est ‘pak cham kai’ (white chicken), I got comforted by a nice pot of chicken rice. BTW, I carved out the cooked part of my chicken and the rest of the half-cooked chicken had turned into the nicest drunken chicken today.

So, here is the recipe for the bestest Hainanese chicken rice. I vaguely remembered my father and mother used to rear ‘castrated cock’ just for making Hainanese Chicken rice. They used to prepare the chillie/garlic sauce and ginger/vinegar sauce too. Oh well, at least I can cook a decent pot of rice.


3 cups of rice

4 cups of chicken stock. (if you don’t have chicken to boil, at least buy some chicken carcass/bones/legs to boil a pot of stock with ginger, garlic, a bit of salt and pepper)

3 blades of screwpine leaves

Assuming your stock is not oily, add 2 tablespoon of chicken oil (or normal oil will do)

Cook the above as you normally cook rice. If you want an extra devilish oomph, secretly throw in a quarter cube of chicken stock cube when no one is looking. 🙂 Heh, it makes the chicken rice tastes waaayyyy better.

Chicken rice I like best : Sri Bahari Road (just before Odeon Cinema, across those Hotel Malaysia etc)

Ipoh famous chicken

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  1. sooi2 – Gay cocks will get fat because they don’t think of having sex and all that chasing after hens make them too muscled/tough. Interesting? Actually, I made up this part. But yeah, they did castrate the cocks to make the fatter.

    Alynna – Easy-peasy to do.

  2. oh wat about the Goh Tiau Chek hainan chicken rice (or Ng Sau Jap in canto) in Chulia Street…I have been eating there since I was a tiny todler! They are famous too…and not to mention ho jiak~

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