Non-stick, Teflon pans – Should we be concern?

an overheated Teflon-coated pan may release toxic gases. DuPont, the manufacturer of Teflon, says that its pans are safe and that their surfaces won’t decompose, possibly releasing the gas, until the pan’s temperature reaches 680 degrees. Some scientists say that an empty pan left on a burner set on high reaches 700 degrees in as little as three minutes. All pans with nonstick coatings are subject to the same problems, according to the Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit environmental research and advocacy organization.

I do not know any other way of cooking than using a non-stick Teflon wok and saucepan. I have an expensive La Gourmet stainless steel saucepan but the weight is a torture. I do not want to risk getting injured wrists or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome because cooking each meals involved washing and re-washing the pan.

I also have an aluminium wok which I use occassionally. Aluminium – research said it will cause Alzheimers disease.

Then, during one fancy shopping trip, I bought a cast iron wok thinking that I can cook like those Hongkong chefs. Goodness, that thing weighs a ton and yeap, it is hanging on the wall due to its weight. Hongkong TV cook shows have muscled arms male cooks or the silais female cooks who probably did not need to even wash a thing after the show.

So, it is back to my trusted Maxim (or some other French brand) wok or skillet for my daily cooking.

Now, this got me interested:

The Le Creuset pan and the two cast-iron pans produced amazing results. Nothing stuck, including the eggs, and it was quite easy to roll up omelets. There were almost no eggs to scrape up. I don’t recommend browning potatoes or onions with a film of oil because they won’t have much flavor, but these pans could do it.

The chicken, on the other hand, was moist and browned beautifully, a result you wouldn’t get with Teflon-coated pans.

I bet they cost a bomb and not available here. I will probably settle back to Teflon and making sure that I never leave the pan on high heat for any amount of time. There is no way I can survive without a non-stick pan because frying eggs will be a nightmare, what more fried fishes.
Quotes sourced from NYTimes.

So, are you going to banish your Teflon? And any recommendation for a good non-stick pan?

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  1. I wanted to get one La Cruesset carousel dish. But even it is on sale, the price is about AU$150.00. So expensive

  2. Once during a shopping trip, I chanced across the Invicta range of cast-iron cookware. They’re SO much cheaper than Le Creuset and yet they’re every bit as good! My Invicta cocotte cost only €25 yet the equivalent Le Creuset would have cost me £80! The thing I love about my Invicta cocotte is that it can brown things so easily, food doesn’t really stick, and it can then go from stove to the oven! Heaven =)

    But otherwise yeah, I cannot live without my non-stick cookware too!

  3. Aiyo I wish I could afford Le Creuset…….Aggie, where did you buy that Invicta range yah? So cheap for a cast iron pot

  4. Hi Mar, I got mine in Lyon, France but I think we can get them in any French supermarket because I just found out that they’re made in France! Good luck!

  5. Aggie
    Alamak I had not been over to the continent for awhile now teehee… but I think I have heard of Invicta before, surely I could find them here… But for that price, I definitely would be looking for it lah. Thanks!

  6. 700 degree in 3 minutes?? not sure i believe dat.

    But for lazy cleaner like me,kenot survive w/out non-stick pans la… even my rice cooker is non-stick.

  7. Le Creuset is available in limited design at isetan klcc. it’s super heavy and super expensive. it’s in my dream wish list ok. even hubby loves them and he dun even cook hahaha…

    try looking for hard anodised surface. they dun scratch like teflon but u need to use it for a while before it become non-stick full scale.

  8. Trust me Le Creuset rock (worth every penny you spend), I have mine for 8 years now and still working fine. The other option is Staub:

    Yes, 700 degree in 3 minutes because I’m material science student and know what is going on.

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