The whole process of getting that perfect cuppa

Do you know what involves in getting that perfect cup of tea to you? Well, I don’t know. But if what I saw in Cameron Highlands is the real process, then I must say that it takes a lot. A huge lot.

It takes generations of tea leaves plantation workers. They built their small community here with their own Hindu temple, Christian church, school and shops. This is the Sungai Palas Boh Plantation.

It takes a lot of sweat and hard labour to pluck those tea leaves shoots every morning. At least they have a bit of mechanical help nowadays.

It takes a lot of leg works because it is very, very hard to climb those hill slopes. If you have taken a quick walk through the tea leaves plantations, you will know it is not easy. From a distance, they look picture perfect with those green carpets of tea trees. But in reality, it is rocks, loose earth, muddy ground, possible snakes, extreme windy and cold weather, burning sun and aching muscles.

Several stages at the factory.

And finally, to the shop and to us.

I am not a tea person but cannot resist picking up these little individual packets of tea bags. There are all sorts of flavour like mango, passionfruit, lychee, lemon, ginger and tangerine teas. I like tea plantations more because of the romanticsm of living a simple life. You know….born in a tea plantation, grow up a tea leaves plucker, marry a tea plantation supervisor (or preferably someone with a little money but not too much), give birth to more children in that little place up in the mist….How simple life is.

All the photos are taken from Boh Plantation. Boh ada oomph!

2 Replies to “The whole process of getting that perfect cuppa”

  1. I have visited the Boh Tea plantation in the Cameron Highlands with our friends who live in Subang Jaya. We spent a few days in the highlands, staying at the Equatorial Hotel. I remember the tour through the tea plantation to be very interesting. We also enjoyed seeing the many terraced farms in the highlands and the wonderful vegetables and flowers the locals grow there. We are visiting again next year for the CNY Year of the Pig. After a visit to Penang and KL, we plan to once again visit the Cameron Highlands. I like the Cameronian Gold Blend of tea from Boh.
    Thank you for your nice article.
    Ken Cameron

  2. I’m not really a tea drinker, but if I had to choose a local tea brand, it’d be Boh. Like Ken, I like Boh Cameronian Gold blend.

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