Our World Cup supper (durians!!!)

So, the World Cup 2006 kicks off.

I boiled a pot of red bean soup with gingko nuts for the men in the house.

And kids felt peckish and hubby went out to get some Ramli Burgers and big pau (meat dumplings)

I am not posting photos of the burgers because my kids said the photo look like the worm I took. The meat patties has the exact same colour like the durian worm. (click at your own risk 🙂 )

Yay!!!! The durians are finally dropping. Heaven!

So dear readers of MalaysiaBest, you will be seeing more durians posts in the coming weeks.

2 Replies to “Our World Cup supper (durians!!!)”

  1. hmmm why ur red bean look weird wan?

    and the ginkyo – its good for the eyes, that what my father said la, boil that and barley as tongsui, if got some fu chok, put in lo … very nice, lots of ginkyo …

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