Hindu god procession II

We had a huge procession right smack in front of our apartment front gate. I almost missed the chance to take some photos because these cows can run! Whoaaa…the cows which pull the bullock cart carrying the Hindu god actually ran and not trot slowly.

Due to the running cows, all the devotees also had to run. And due to the running devotees, I was left with blurry photos. 🙂 Who has time to adjust anything in that frenzy, right?

Devotees carrying milk jars on their heads.

Several Chinese devotees are there, pulling chariots with their bodies hooked to sharp needles.

More photos can be found from my Flickr Album labelled Thaipusam. This is not Thaipusam but yeah, I don’t know what it is so… I have another album labelled Culture/Religious and if you are interested in Malaysian cultures and religious celebrations, please check them out.

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  1. running cows on the street?? i’ve never seen a cow running…much less cows with a chariot on tow, LOL

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