Ostrich egg and ride

I found this four year old photo from some old CD. If I remember correctly, this was taken from an ostrich farm in Melaka way back in 2002. Such an adorable face for a huge bird, isn’t it?

Poor ostrich’s eyes were covered with a hood so that they lost their senses and is easily pulled in the direction demanded by the keeper. You can actually ride ostriches but do watch out ‘cos they kick real hard.

Huge, gigantic ostrich egg. The ostrich farm turned the eggs into beautiful carvings but I can’t recall if they serve ostrich egg omelette. Anyone knows if ostriches eggs can be eaten?

The egg shell is so hard and tough, you can even stand on it. I didn’t dare to try though, ‘cos I don’t want to squash some baby ostriches to death.

I had eaten ostriches meat in Australia. It tastes gamey and rather tough. At the ostrich farm in Melaka, they even sell ostriches satay. Duh, poor ostriches are kept as entertainment and even food. Of course, I didn’t sample the satay because ostriches are dumb but adorable animals, right?

No interesting food blogs at the moment because I am rather lazy to cook or hunt for new foods lately.

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  1. Yes lillian. Ostrich egg can be eaten. One of the Ostrich egg is equivalent to 20 normal size eggs. I don’t really like it because it taste gamey. The meat taste better than the egg.

  2. Yup, can eat ostrich eggs…enough for a whole battalion though! The meat is nice, like beef…and they say it’s cholesterol free! Definitely better than some people…eat kangaroo meat (u know who!)!

  3. STP – Hehehe, you never leave him alone, do you? But I thot all animal products got cholesterol and all plants sources got none?

    Gertrude – Oh wow, we must need a huge pan to make a sunny side up, don’t we? Hahaha.

  4. Ostrich eggs can be eaten… I also love ostrich meat (see recipe on my blog) as it’s very fine and healthy; a little like beef…

    Great pictures! I wouldn’t mind riding an ostrich!!!

  5. Errrkkkk.. I wouldn’t dare trying to stand on the eggs too. Wah, if 1 ostrich egg is equivalent to 20 normal eggs, that means it has a high cholesterol content (correct me if I’m wrong). I read that we shouldn’t eat no more than 3 or 4 whole normal eggs per week. I know it’s the yolk which contains cholesterol. Kalau makan a whole ostrich egg, terus BP naik la lepas tu, silap2 boleh masuk hospital lor. So, kalau nak makan, makan the white je la & maybe a little yolk.

  6. Ha ha ha! Jesus says, “Do unto others what you want them do unto you!” He does that to me all the time! Oops…I meant lower cholesterol, not free lah! By the way, at first I thought that ostrich was wearing some kind of condom! Ha ha ha ha ha!

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