No sugar? No big deal.

Several hypermarkets in the state have started limiting the sale of sugar to two packets per person.

“Sugar-intensive” industries have been worst hit by the shortage, with producers of soybean and other local drinks, as well as chilli sauce manufacturers, saying they may have to cease business.

They said this might result in many people losing their jobs. (full news)

This is another drama that some higher-ups are probably cooking up to hike the sugar prices.  It has happened too often.  Things will be dramatised with people losing job etc etc and voila, the next thing we hear is hike in prices of sugar and all other products.
Seriously, how important sugar is in our daily lives?  Not like we cannot survive without it.  I only buy sugar like two or three times a year.  The only time I use sugar by the kilogrammes are during festive seasons when I need to bake.  Other times, we never use sugar in our drinks.  Milo is sweet enough.  Coffee can be with or without sugar, no difference to me.

When I see the mad rush to buy sugar, I am really amused.  Families are carting 3 kilogrammes bags of sugar like they are the lifelines. Father, mother and children, 3 kilogrammes each.  They rushed to buy them from the hypermarket like a great famine is coming.   I mean, why would a normal family need 10-15 kilogrammes of sugar for?  I bet the ants are going to infest on those extra sugars and render them inedible in a few weeks.  Nyek.
This is the best time our Ministry of Health comes out and lecture the public on the evils of taking too much sugar.  Where are they with their educational information?  Why not take advantage of this no-sugar mania and educate the citizens like they should?

No sugar?  No big deal.

8 Replies to “No sugar? No big deal.”

  1. yeah no problem. deprive my family of both sugar and salt stock also no problem.

    some people sure are walking towards diabetes.

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more. You saw the picture of the three women holding 3-5 packets of sugar. Cwazy!!!

  3. Big deal what! in catastrophic proportions!
    Without enough sugar, mamak stalls cant sell their usual sugar intense food/drinks, that results in closure of mamak businesses, that in turn results in malaysian college kids suffer a sugar depravation, in turn results in lack of energy to play their online games, that results in them spending time at home with their parents, God forbid!!

  4. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Hopefully Malaysians can change their food (or drinking) habits. As for me, I have a good stock of ready-mix sachets. Just pour water and its done.

  5. Ah.. no big deal for me. I seldom touch sugar at home. Only when I want to bake cakes or cookies ahahha… Even for my family, my mom only buy sugar like only once in a blue moon.

  6. The worst is when grocers start hoarding to sell when the price is higher!!! Prices up…take less lor! Like when the oil prices went up, walk lor! Don’t go out so often lor! Don understand why so much fuss (and mostly cos of politics, I reckon!)

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