Recipe : Homemade mashed potatoes

I am not sure which cookshow my kids were surfing this afternoon but I chanced on an excellent way of eating mashed potatoes. Read on…

I took out the food processor and mashed my potatoes.


Two large potatoes, boiled, skinned and mashed

50 mls of milk (more if your potatoes is still too hard)

1 tiny cube of butter, the size of a small matchbox

Pinch of salt


Mustard (I used fish sauce!)

You can manually mashed and mixed the above up.

I got a mashed potato which I think is nice. But my son whom had read far too many scientific stuffs explained that when I used a mechanical food processor to mash potatoes, it breaks down the molecules, cause the potato to turn gooey yadda yadda yadda and he even illustrates it by turning the bowl of mashed potato upside down to show me that the potato is way too sticky. Kids!

Now, the secret ingredient. The brown sauce is HP sauce. It enhances the creamy flavour of the mashed potato. Try it! Good alternative when I don’t know how to prepare brown sauce like KFC.

HP sauce is the blue bottle on the right. These are bottles of sauce I used for BBQ.

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  1. the usual mash potato sauce is made by frying flour in a pan then adding water, salt, and pepper..

    what we normally do especially if you are deep frying or pan frying (say sausages or fried chicken) .. you will have bits of flour (fried chicken) or bits of sausage that is stuck to the pan

    then just put flour (as per first line) =)

  2. making roux and then add some flavour to it will make the mashed potato too rich……prefer to just add some seaoning and flavour to the potato. Crisp bacon, sour cream, HP, yada yada whateverelsethereis….hjehehehehe

  3. If u go to ikea next time, try buy a packet of its meatball sauce (only rm3.50) from the swedish specialty shop. taste super yummy with mash potato too!!

  4. I always mash using that thing u hold the burgers down when u grill them!! The one with a lot of little squares! Add milk (they say milk powder is nicer) and cheese!!! Use biscuit pump to pump into little florets…and bake b4 serving!!! So nice!!!

  5. STP – Do food blog la, you are so fantastic in giving food tips.

    sooi2 – OK, next time I visit Ikea I check it out. But errm..hope it is not a frozen one?

    foodcrazee – Tks for the additional sauce idea.

    jean – Tks, will try out the sauce next time I bake something.

  6. To make real good mashed potato [according to my kiwi mom] :

    After boiling the spuds aka potatoes, mashed them with the potato mash tool. While the potatoes are still warm,add in milk with salt and pepper to taste.
    The other ingredients such as cheese,herbs are optional.
    Then instead of using the food blender,whisk with a fork which it’ll make the mashed fluffy and light! [ although it’ll be a hardwork but the results will be marvellous!]

  7. here’s the KFC gravy sauce.. i’ve done it.. and it taste well.. 93% the same and my family likes it

    beef or chicken stock – depends on how much you want to make
    salt – sesedap rasa~
    msg – optional
    soy sauce, regular – 1 teaspoon; not too much ( add flavor and colour)
    corn flour – depends on how much stock you use or until it makes the gravy thickened
    black pepper, ground of course – you can put a little bit of white pepper if you want.

    1. heat the chicken or beef stock.
    2.add corn flour mixed with water or stock~
    3.add salt,msg*, pepper and soy sauce
    4.cook on a sauce pan until it thickened

    good luck! 🙂

  8. I saw on Food Network that most “pro” chefs make perfectly mashed potatoes using a ricer. They cut up the potatoes into inch wedges then press it through the ricer. It’s “supposedly” lump free and lets more air in so it’s lighter and fluffier. Must try and see! And for goodness sake, don’t press burger patties down on the grill, it squeezes out all the moistness. LOL

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