More Jenni Homemade Cakes

It’s the weekend and what better way to reward ourselves than with some sinfully rich cakes? OK, there is always an excuse to find some reason to savour a cake. Tomorrow is Father’s Day, for example?

A slice of chocolate fudge that makes you feel as if your heart is going to choke and die! 🙂 You know the feeling, right?

Another slice of chocolate banana cake. This is much better than the Secret Recipe’s version because the banana is not too mushy and the cake is filled with sponge, sticky chocolate and light fluffy cream. Not to mention those pieces of white cholcolate pieces on the outside.

Jenni Homemade Cakes is found in Pulau Tikus (location posted in my related post earlier) and also in Bayan Baru, across Sunshine Square. One slice is RM7.50 which is a quarter of a whole cake which costs RM30. Two slices are enough to feed my whole family of six.

Reminder :

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  1. Hi lilian, we have been having jenni’s cake for sometime. she was famous for her cheese cake then.. – really good and affordable. App her brother is/was a rasa sayang hotel baker and bakes them while she runs the shop… now maybe doing full time therefore other shops sprouting out elsewhere. 🙂

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