Resipi : Bihun Singapura

I love Bihun Singapura but unfortunately, the Malay hawkers aren’t selling them very often.  In fact, I love bihun cooked by the Malay hawkers because of their simplicity.

So, I resorted to cooking them myself.  It doesn’t have the same simplicity of a real bihun Singapura like those I used to buy in Jelutong but I guess it is better than nothing.  It was my ex-company tea lady who taught me to do this.



  • Small shrimps – A handful, peel off the shells and boil the shells to get some stock.  Just a little water will do.  Leave the shrimps asides
  • 1 piece of bihun (enough for two or three person) – soak
  • 1 large handful of beansprouts (taugeh)
  • 1 stalk of coriader leaves (daun ketumbar) or Chinese celery (daun sup)
  • 1 bulb of garlic (bawang putih) – pounded
  • 1 onion (bawang merah) – pounded
  • oil (minyak masak)
  • black pepper, coarsely pounded  (lada hitam kasar)


  1. Heat oil, stir fry the pounded onion and garlic
  2. Add shrimps
  3. Add beansprout and coriander leaves
  4. Add bihun
  5. Add enough water to make the bihun moist
  6. Flavour it with black pepper, salt and some fish sauce

Of course, I cheated with the recipe and added oyster mushrooms and Chinese cabbages plus large prawns.  It is still lovely but I still prefer the simplicity of a Malay style bihun Singapura.  Anyone can tell me where to find it without waiting till Pasar Ramadhan to appear?  I wish Malay hawkers will vary their menu instead of the Tomyam, tomyam, tomyam and ikan bakar, ikan bakar, ikan bakar.  They have so many wonderful dishes to offer without copying the Thais, right?

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  1. Hi Lilian,
    You can find bihun singapore at Tmn Tun Sardon Pasar Malam. Every Weds. I’ve tried them, no bad la.

  2. foodcrazee – Got lah, jek. I dunno why my links are not in alphabetical order only. That meme, I do in my Penang blog later lah.

    Linda – Tks for that tip. But where is Taman Tun Sardon? Glugor?

    nicktay – If you like black pepper, you will like it.

  3. I agree! The Malay bihun…no ingredients (it seems) except for a few bits of vege…and yet so nice! In Sibu, buy RM1 at a roadside stall, can feed a family! I guess it’s like what my daughter said, “It’s the simplicity sometimes that makes things nicer!”. We tend to add all kinds of things…prawns, cuttle fish and whatever’s in the fridge! Bihun with clams in soy sauce (Amoy Brand) also nice! QV will vouch for that!

  4. I like Malay style bihun also. My family members make fried bihun with added tamarind juice, chillies, chinese chives and fried tofu (with the usual stir-fry ingredients plus chicken, beef or prawns). Yummy! Another friend does it the same way too.

  5. Pasar Mlm Kpg Melayu oso ada, every Monday. Have u ever tried Mamak’s version of Bihun Singapura? Always get it from Cravan Cafe for supper.

  6. the best singapore bihun comes together with a shrimp and fermented soya gravy…wow! mmmammamia i tell you!

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