Recipe : Durian butter cake

Basic butter cake recipe is a good foundation to get creative. You can turn the cake into any way you like. Orange cake, lemon cake, marble, chempedak? and best of all, durian cake.

My eldest son is very adept at baking cakes. In fact, he had baked two cakes on his own when I was away in KL. He doesn’t even need a weighing scale and just use cups as measurement. When he was in Form Two and Three, the school provided bakery as a co-curriculum and their headmaster, Brother Paul taught the students. (The school has a fully equipped, industrial size bakery donated by the old boys/past students which the headmaster used to give baking lessons to the ‘not education inclined’ students. But for the Form Two and Three students, they get to use the bakery during weekends. My eldest son is now in Form Four and no longer attend it.)

So, my son undertook to do the baking while I happily snapped away with my camera. Actually, baking cakes take very few steps:

  1. Mix 250 gm butter (a whole block) with 230 gm castor sugar till fluffy
  2. Dump in four eggs, adding one by one, preferably
  3. Dump in 250 gm flour
  4. Flavour with some vanilla, add some milk if the mixture is so hard it won’t drop when ‘hang with a spoon’. The batter is supposed to drop and not stuck in a lump.
  5. Heat oven to 180deg celcius and line the cake tin.
  6. Remember to make sure that the cake batter is only half the level of the height of the tin.
  7. Bake for about 45 minutes. Done!

Easy, right? Just forget about the hang-ups of all the meticulous steps prescribed by the cooks like using wooden spoon, beat in one direction, cake tin size yadda yadda yadda. Just be brave and beat ’em up.

We had some left-overs over-riped durians in the fridge. So, I peeled off about 10 seeds, mashed up the pulp and added them to the batter with the flour.

We had the most delicious, wonderful aroma that can kills, moist and buttery durian cake in the world. Down it with some hot tea, it is a perfect tea-time on a rainy day (it has rained the whole day since last night).

Baking cakes is always a new experience because we never know how the texture turns out like until we actually cut it. Today, the cake has a very fine texture because my son continue whacking the batter with the electric mixer eventhough I was shrieking to him to stop. Normally, I would stop using the mixer after adding the egg and meticulously ‘fold in the flour with a wooden spatula, in one direction, taking care not to yadda yadda yadda’ (you know how most recipes sound?).

He got the last word, “See? It doesn’t matter how you beat the cake. It still turns out nice.” How true.

I wish all of you can smell how heavenly durian butter is. Hehehe.

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15 Replies to “Recipe : Durian butter cake”

  1. Ooo! Durian cake! Got one shop in Sibu selling irresistable durian muffins…but only when the fruit is in season! None here at the moment, and we don’t get durians from Thailand! Try apple sauce (can buy in tins) instead of durian…also nice!!!

  2. have i told u dat i tried ur butter cake recipe 2 weeks ago?? i did 1 and a half recipe and twas super!! i can’t wait to try ur durian cake this weekend!

  3. That cake looks fine! I wouldn’t mind tasting anything baked with durian as I wonder which kind of result it gives…

  4. I’m admiring your durian. Looks so delish….. May I’ll go to the Oriental shop nearby and but the frozen durian and make cake out of it. Yummy….

  5. Wish I can have a piece of your cake. yummy, yummy Been craving for durian for more than 3 years now. Too bad my husband can’t stand the smell if not not I would have get a frozen one from Chinatown and bake the cake.

  6. I baked a lot of durian tea cakes and brownies last durian season. I added a little rice flour to my cakes to get a more springy feel to it. Added some almond flakes too. I didnt use as much sugar as your recipe but did pick the sweet and more watery durian flesh…. i pureed some and left some chunks of flesh in the flour.

  7. hi lilian,
    use the same recipe for butter cake, and just add the durian?
    will it be overly sweet? or search for not-so-sweet durian?

    your butter cake recipe rocks btw, thanks! 🙂

  8. tried the durian cake on saturdau…however the cake kenot rise leh…still quite moist oso even tho the crust bake until nearly chau-huei-tar oredi. but taste good nonetheless!

  9. sooi2,
    i must say i went through the same thing you did too.
    the cake did not rise, and it did not look like the pictures!
    anyhow, it tasted nice though, with the pieces of durian still in tact.

  10. No wonder! Lillian’s son forget to add raising agent in the recipe… add 1 teaspoon of baking powder in the recipe oooopppssss in the flour then sift together and not to forget a pinch of salt too. I bet the result should be nicer. I guess the recipe wrote by Lillian is not prove-read by a professional Chef. the result is like kuih bingka… is it right?

  11. we’ll talk about adding fruit paste in the cake mixture…. we hav to see the type of fruits we gonna used whether acidic or sweet type… and not to forget the leavening agent as well….. correct me if I’m wrong i.e baking soda also known as bicarbonate of soda(alkali) reactive with acid/moist and Baking powder(acid) reactive with moist and heat. So, you need to bake right away after mixed!

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