Jamie Oliver – Recipe : Fish, egg, potato and spinach pie

I hope everyone knows Jamie Oliver by now? He is this guy who revolutionise cooking. Well, I said so. He made cooking so simple and casual. He has a blog, a forum and also a website filled with lots of recipes.

Yesterday,  I boiled a whole sack of potatoes (for convenience sake) and I had to finish them off.  So, I search the net for something that uses eggs (yeah, I hard boiled egg with the potatoes, for convenience sake too :) ), fish and spinach. I found Jamie Oliver’s recipe, glance through and DIY.

This is an egg cutter, a fun gadget that costs a mere two bucks. Do get one ‘cos it is thrilling to put the hard boiled egg into the slot and press down the wire cutter. Ooh…the feeling!

Recipe (not Jamie Oliver’s of course)

Oil a casserole and throw in a bunch of spinach (I used organic, frozen ones ‘cos it doesn’t smell as strong as fresh spinach)

Cut 500 grams of Dory fish into long strips and stir fry them with one chopped onion and some garlics in olive oil. Season with a bit of pepper and salt. Take the fish off the fire before they are cooked thoroughly. Put the fish layer over this spinach layer.

Next, layer the hard boiled eggs on top of the fish. If you are not weight conscious, throw in some cheese.

After that, pour about 200 mls of milk or like me, used cream.

Peel one potato and mash them roughly. Cover the top of the casseroles. Sprinkle some cheese and a few dollops of butter. Trust me, the butter and cheese will make the whole fish pie absolutely beautiful.

Bake in 200 deg. celcius oven for about 20-30 minutes, until the top is golden brown.

Can you see the layers of spinach, fish, egg and potato? I bet Jamie Oliver must be very proud his cooking tips have spread to this part of the continent. 🙂

(I know I had made an almost similar fish pie but I can’t find my own link! Anyway, this is flavoured with Jamie Oliver’s simplicity so it tastes better. :) )

8 Replies to “Jamie Oliver – Recipe : Fish, egg, potato and spinach pie”

  1. now that’s what i love abt this site – the pictures of devilishly scrumptuous food!!!!

    i am so very hungry now… (not to mention dehydrated from drooling all over my seat…)

  2. Yummy as usual and love your picture too. I love J. Oliver and I have all his book and I have tried his recipes too. For a novice cook like me, his recipe and style of cooking is very simple and simply delicious.

  3. i tried a salmon pie not too long ago with sliced potato, cheese and buttermilk…fish in milk is NOT nice at all…or maybe i put too much milk and not enuf butter. either way, it’s one darn fattening dish!

  4. Gee! All ur life u never saw egg cutter, kah??? Ha ha ha ha ha! Sorry…am in bitchy mode 2day! Must be pws (pre-womenstruation-syndrome)!!! Ha ha ha!

  5. I like the way you prsesent the foods. Boleh meleleh air liur I. All the pictures make me want to go over to penang, only to learn to cook lilian way. Cayalah Lil, you can host one of the cooking show mesti banyak org yang menonton. Keep it up Lilian!

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