Cad-Bury to be buried

Ouch! That’s a mighty lot of chocolates to be buried.

Cadbury is to bury 250 tons of chocolate at the centre of the salmonella scare.

The company said more than a million chocolate bars and Easter eggs recalled from shop shelves and warehouses will be buried at landfill sites across Britain.

All packaging and wrappers will be removed and recycled before the million bars – weighing as much as 33 double-decker buses and equivalent to a third of Britain’s daily consumption of Cadbury’s chocolate – are dumped.

The company could not reveal where it would be buried,but warned children against embarking on a Charlie And The Chocolate Factory-style hunt for the buried confectionery, saying: ‘We would not encourage anybody to try to find the discarded chocolate.’

The bars could be responsible for an outbreak of food poisoning that struck down at least 53 people, mainly children. (source)

Don’t worry, these are for chocolates made in UK. But then, I never try Cadbury for several years already because I found them too milky for my liking.

BTW, have I told you about this tiny macadamia coated chocolate from Meiji, Japan? It sells for RM7.99 per box of 12 pieces of choc. Crunchy, fresh macadamia nuts covered in creamy, smooth, Japanese chocolates. I had bought two boxes but never have time to take a pic before my sons finished them off. 🙂 Go try it! (you can view the photo here)

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    (November 22, 2006 - 11:53 am)

    Oh I can;t live without chocolate! I love Meiji’s choc too. You can also found there are more variety in Meijiya, the japanese one stop food & beverage at Jln Kelawai 🙂

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