Recipe : Homemade Pizza easy as 1,2,3

One – Get those pre-baked pizza base. I got mine for RM5.50 for five pieces. Drizzle some olive oil over it.

Two – Get some kick-ass pizza sauce. I got mine in dry form, called pizza font from Cooking Island. (more about this later ‘cos I haven’t got a pic of the pizza font) I just mix the dry pizza font with water.

Three – Pile on whatever you can get your hands on. I used cheese sausage and ham (both chicken) plus the mandatory pineapple my kids like.

Layer on the cheese. Bake for about 15 minutes in 200 deg. celcius.

Tadaaa…..can say good riddance to Pizza Hut already. We had a very disappointing home delivery the other day and I am contemplating writing to their HQ. This particular branch always serve horrible, horrible pizza and the pasta was too salty to swallow.

I am not a pizza person but my sons are. Their verdict. It tastes almost as good as Pizza Hut, better than Frankie (pasar malam type) and the only missing factor is the cheese flavour. I already used a combination of mozarella, cheddar and parmesan so I guess must drizzle more olive oil on top of the cheese. Good thing is my older kids can assemble their own pizza so they can play around with it.

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10 thoughts on “Recipe : Homemade Pizza easy as 1,2,3


    (June 29, 2006 - 2:39 pm)

    Your pizza looks even more fattening than Pizza Hut. with all the cheezzzzzzze. I just love it. Where did you get the base from?


    (June 29, 2006 - 2:54 pm)

    Missing cheese flavour? Perhaps sprinkle some goat cheese will help 😉 . (try at your own risk, don’t put too much and blame me for the awkward flavour)

    Erina Law

    (June 29, 2006 - 4:10 pm)

    If you wanted to make a pizza and don’t have any pizza base or do not want to make a last minute dough, try using bread. It will be good and easy for kids. Just take a slice of bread, spread some sauce and put in any fillings you want. Top with cheese and into the oven or toaster for approx. 10 min at 180deg cel.


    (June 29, 2006 - 6:52 pm)

    The 2nd last pic….drooooooooooooolllllsshh~~!


    (June 30, 2006 - 8:31 am)

    Hi! I’ve just discovered your food blog yesterday and I HAVE to tell you that boy, am I impressed! Malaysia Best is not only comprehensive but also an enjoyable read especially for someone who is going to set up home soon. Your recipes seem so simplistic in nature yet the results… FABULOUS! 🙂 I’m going to be a regular here.. 🙂


    (June 30, 2006 - 10:05 am)

    Wny u use chicken sausage and ham??? Trying to stay healthy??? Or u a convert??? Pork nicer lah!!! And if u use smoked ham…or better still bacon, hmmm…..u get an irresistable fragrance!!!! Tastes SO much nicer!!!


    (June 30, 2006 - 10:33 am)

    hey what a coincidence. i just made pizza yesterday also using a pre-prepared base. it was great but the the base was bit dry around the sides.

    i think i’ll drizzle olive oil over it next time as per your suggestion. 🙂

    i bought 5 for RM4.50 from ‘bake with yen’ in taman megah, petaling jaya. the shop is just next to fatty crab.



    (July 3, 2006 - 12:08 pm)

    Why do we need to drizzle olive oil over the pizza? What does it help to do?


    (July 3, 2006 - 1:42 pm)

    Shooi – Good extra virgin olive oil (buy those made in Italy and not elsewhere) has a nice ‘woody’ fragrance. It also make the cheese less dry, give the pizza a shiny surface and the crust will be more crispy if covered with some oil. Moreover, olive oil is a good source of oil, all those stuffs about being good for the heart etc. Maybe I will write a little about olive oil next time.

    kate – Tks for sharing.

    STP – No lah, I happened to have some chicken mah… Anyway, if want good stuffs, must put peperroni. Oooh..the oil..the lard, sure clog your heart.

    Corren – Hey, thanks for the compliments!

    sooi2 – It doesn’t make you feel sick? ‘Cos I can’t stand tastes like cheese during pregnancy. 🙂

    Erina – Thanks a lot for that tip. Your recommendations were great.

    moo_t – Goat cheese? Never try before ‘cos they are expensive.

    Linda – I bought mine from Cold Storage bakery side. There are frozen ones from Italy too. But you can take Erina’s advice of using bread as the base too. Erina is the owner of Cooking Island, a shop selling baking and cooking stuffs in Penang. Anyway, pizza dough is not hard to make, but a bit messy lah, with all the flour flying around.

    Erina Law

    (July 3, 2006 - 6:26 pm)

    Goat Cheese had got very strong smeel and not many ppl can take it. It’s adviseable to get some free sampling before you purchase them otherwise you will regret.

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