St. Anne’s BM – Novena & Feast

**If you are looking for the details of St. Anne’s Feast BM 2008, you may wish to go over to St. Anne’s church website. The St. Anne’s Novena & Feast 2008 starts on 18 July 2008 with a mass celebrated by Archbishop Salvatore Pennacchio on 26th July 2008 at 8.30 pm. St. Anne’s Church phone number is 5386405/5387422**

My first post on this blog was about St. Anne’s church in Bukit Mertajam. Therefore, it is only appropriate I dedicate another post to remind readers who may be interested, that the St. Anne’s Novena and Feast 2006 will begin on 21st July, 2006 and culminate on 30th July, 2006 with a procession.

This is the photo I took last year. I also had the opportunity to join the choir from Cathedral of the Holy Spirit to sing at St. Anne’s church. More photos of St. Anne and other [tag]Catholic[/tag]churches in Malaysia here in my Flickr album.

St. Anne’s church has drawn many non-Catholic Christians each year. Even my late mother-in-law used to faithfully visit St. Anne’s church every year. She had travelled on public transport just to go there, no matter how inconvenience it is. She lived in Teluk Kumbar, Penang and travelling to Bukit Mertajam means very long distance travel of buses and ferries. I suppose she must have some prayers answered after visiting St. Anne. My hubby and I did manage to drive her to St. Anne for a couple of years (after we can afford a car) and I must say that, back then, even when I wasn’t a Catholic yet, the feeling of complete reverence to God enveloped me when I was in the church grounds.

Do visit St. Anne’s church during the feast days. The place is like a huge carnival with stalls and bright lights for a whole week.

St. Anne’s has a website and also a complete schedule of the novena and feast day.

Prayer of the Good St. Anne

O Good St. Anne

Mother of the Virgin Mary

Whose Son, Our Lord

Jesus Christ

Who is our Life and our Hope

Intercede for us &

obtain our request. Amen

In brief, St. Anne’s is the ‘grandma’ of Jesus and Catholics seek St. Anne’s help in interceding for them. (intercede means liaise or be the middle person)

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  1. I’ve missed out on the St Anne’s feast ever since I went down to KL to continue my studies. I used to go every single year since I was a kid. My piano lessons were around the church and I’ll go there every year with my mum . 😀

  2. Must be very careful when climbing the stairs & d small hill behind the church, holding lit candles. Esp for those with long or big hairdos!

  3. […] BTW, do visit St. Anne’s church in Bukit Mertajam from today (actually started on Friday) until this weeked.  I heard that it is very beautiful and all the stations of the cross are placed at the lower grounds around the church this year.  I am going within these few days, to keep the legacy from my mother-in-law who is a Taoist but faithful pilgrim to St. Anne’s church for decades. […]

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