Sup Hameed – Beef, Mutton and other spicy soup

Sup Hameed is this stretch of Indian Muslim hawkers along Upper Penang Road where the clubs and hotels are. It is just a few buildings away from Cititel Penang. They are opened only at nights and one cannot miss the brightly lit rows of hawkers.

I had posted about them once, but this post is about the much whispered about ‘Sup Torpedo Lembu’. I won’t be posting a photo of the sup torpedo, so read on. I very much respect Malaysia Best readers and won’t show you a bowl of bull’s penis soup. 😛

A good bowl of soup must be enjoyed with a nice loaf of Roti Bengali. Roti Bengali is this crusty bread, used to be handmade, not factory baked.

Sup tendon or beef tendon soup, which is my favourite because I like the chewy, jelly-like tendons. One must go early to get them because tendons sold out fast. Of all the soups, I must say that Sup Hameed’s sup is one of the least oily. There are some stalls that have a thick layer of oil floating on the soup which is a big turn-off.

You can have any combination of the parts of the bull/cow or goat. The mutton and beef soups, though look almost the same, do taste different. If you are one of those people who cannot stomach fancy or weird stuffs like bull’s penis :), tongue, udder, tail etc, then you can choose a mild chicken soup.

They also have nasi kandar stalls but the nasi kandar is only so-so tasting. Normally, I opt for a packet of nasi lemak bungkus.

Have a go at the sup torpedo. It is purportedly to be an aphrodisiac :). So says my ex-colleagues. (I did order a bowl but I shall leave the humour of it in my personal blog.) BTW, there are Caucasians and other prostitutes around the areas, so……

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7 thoughts on “Sup Hameed – Beef, Mutton and other spicy soup

    […] I berak-ed (poo) the next day and that’s that lah. Cheh!!!!! If you want to know, go find some men and try it out. My kids and I were just playing with that bowl for the sake of blogging and life experiences. It costs only RM5. Poor kkc. So cheap only. (full report on the stall on Malaysia Best) Now my next eating mission is dog’s meat. […]


    (July 4, 2006 - 3:18 pm)

    uhmmm…the nasi lemak looks totally wicked!!!


    (July 4, 2006 - 4:17 pm)

    hey i was there last week cos we stayed at cititel but we din eat there. we stopped to admire the long long list of soup hahaha… walked past the burger stall too and they seems to be dishing out yummilicious burger.

    […] A bowl for one person costs only RM5. It is a huge bowl compared to the Indian Muslim version. The soup is almost a clear soup and the taste comes from brewing the beef and bones for hours. I like this stall in Goodall because there isn’t overpowering smell of any herbs. […]

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    (January 22, 2008 - 11:21 am)

    […] (sup torpedo adalah sup kote *tuut* lembu), atau terasa nak makan sup yang best, korang boleh try sup Hameed. Juga terletak di Jalan Penang (kalo tak silap) berdekatan dengan hotel Cititel. Kalo malam-malam […]

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    (January 20, 2009 - 9:13 am)

    […] Yasmeen Nasi Kandar is still going strong, as is the little place next door in the alley.  At Sup Hameed on Jalan Penang we had some delicious sup kambing (mutton soup), which we followed up with chicken […]

    […] Although it made me a tad homesick thinking about our post-clubbing sessions at Sup Hameed. […]

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