Review : Pizza Hut Cheesy Bites new promotion

You probably have received the flyers inserted in your daily papers about [tag]Pizza[/tag] Hutnew promotion of their Cheesy Bites pizza. The tag line is “Pull the fun out of your pizza.” Pizza Hut has a ‘delicious’ looking website and there is even a contest for this promotion. Send your fun photo moments with the new Cheesy Bites Pizza and stand a chance to win LG Mobile Chocolate KG-800 and LG Mobile M6100 handphones.

I am not a pizza person but my kids are. So, their verdict is ‘mmmm….goood….’ We bought a Haiwan Supreme, Large at RM32.50. It is a very unique idea to stuff those cheese in tiny bites around the pizza crust. If you are a cheese person, you will definitely enjoy pulling off those stringy pieces.

Those little sprinkles on top of the doughs are garlic and herbs and I must say they complement well with the chewy cheeses. Overall, a much better version than the stuff crust variety.

All those are the good parts. Now, the complaints! I have a lot.

1) Only a couple of Pizza Huts here in Penang make lovely pizzas. Many other branches on the outskirts have poor services and produce pizzas that don’t taste quite there. Even my children can discern the vast differences in their taste. We never like to eat in because the waiting, crowds and broken cutleries make the whole experience very stressful. I dislike chipped plates. 🙂 And get turn off when other customers started abusing the staffs for messed up orders.

2) Hence, we only make ‘pick-up’ orders from the branch in Gurney Drive. They make the best pizzas, kudos to their staffs. Usually, we call them in advance, drive by and pick up the pizza. Fast and swift.

3) When you want home delivery, you just need to call the 1-300-88-2525 but the downside is our order will come from the nearest branch. Where I come from, that branch always produce pizzas that are below par.

4) Their pasta. Terriblie, horrible and inedible. I am not joking. Last week, my hubby was away and we decided to get home delivery, albeit very reluctant because we had many lousy experiences with the pizzas from that branch. The pizza tasted bland. The carbonara has dried shitake mushrooms and smells faintly of Chinese herbs, dong guai. Can you imagine carbonara with Chinese flavour? Ewws. The other pasta was the prawn alio oglio. I got a tiny portion for RM8.50 which is rather expensive. They also use shitake mushroom which again smells faintly of dongguai and this plastic, chewy thingie call shrimps. The dried chillies they used aren’t reddish but come in all sorts of colours which indicates that they have not taken time to pick only good chillies. (dried chillies that doesn’t look reddish probably are mouldy) And the pasta was soooooo salty, we can’t even eat it. I still don’t understand why they used dried shitake mushroom which clashed with western taste.
So, I must say that Pizza Hut, though makes good pizzas, need to ensure that all their branches produce the same good quality pizzas and other items on the menu.

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  1. lilian,

    note that u went to island cooking shop at tg tokong to get ur stuff for ur own home made piza..just wondering how much is the base if it sells for one or two…cos u stated that u got the 5 pieces for rm 5.50 so each costs u about 1.10…is it a discounted prize given to u or the price is slightly higher…and the shop open from what time to what time and is it monday to friday or they r open on weekend as well…sorry for the queries tendered.

  2. can’t agree more. i was in penang last week. celebrated “gaji day” at pizza hut komtar. prawn olio over dente (look pale) and taste wise – yucks!
    pizza was also so-so…carbonara was too oily.

    true to yr words, even in KL, you have to be a little bit “clever” in picking the right pizza hut to go. based on my experience and comments from friends, pizza hut at tmn permata is NO NO…might as well spent a lil bit RM at California Kitchen Pizza. but still, their pizza is slightly above so-so. hayooo where can get a good pizza nowadays?

  3. PIzza Hut definately serves one of the worst pasta i ever ate in my life. I ate their Carbonara spaghetti 15 years ago and am still traumatised to this date. Ever since that fateful day, i only order tomato based sauce or aglio olio sauce.

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