Rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum)- Pretty tropical fruit

I am having fun taking photos of rambutans as much as eating it. Rambutan is another one of those ‘weird looking on the outside, tasty inside’ tropical fruits.

Rambutan is my favourite seasonal fruit and I shall look forward to the season each year. There are plenty of rambutan in the market now.

Locally, the rambutans that known by names like Lidi (sticks from coconut leaves), ea bak (coconut flesh), chai thou bak (radish flesh), peng th’ng (rock sugar) and other names which indicate the type of flesh inside.

You can ask to sample the fruits to your heart’s content before buying. Good rambutans are roundish and red with fresh looking hairs and firm to the touch. They should not be too watery, sour or has fruit maggot near the stem. Watch out if you find a fruit with some brownish, sandy stuffs where the fruit is attached to the stem. Most probably, there is a little white maggot there. However, these are usually found towards the end of the fruit season.

Usually, we avoid eating too many rambutans because one tends to cough after that. This could be due to the sap or the bacterias or whatever found in the fruit (remember that there is a little maggot that may grow? :P) ) that irritates the throat. I don’t subscribe to the old belief that the fruit is heaty.

Remember that rambutan is a choking hazard and many children had died because of it. So, never let your children eat rambutan without supervision. I forbade my younger children from putting the whole fruit into the mouth. As for the very young children, I usually peel off the flesh from the seed.

6 Replies to “Rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum)- Pretty tropical fruit”

  1. Rambutan is one of my favourite fruit, the other being mango. I use a knife instead of my mouth (unhygienic) to peel a rambutan. Coughing after eating rambutan… yeah, been there done that… a few times. I ate lots of rambutan at one sitting once (about half a basket), and lost my voice the next day. I think it is somewhat heaty.

  2. I love rambutans tooooo…. especially after you peel a bunch of it, and put it in the fridge. oh, how refreshing it can be under the hot weather… yummy….

  3. my favourite fruit!!!
    my dad has few rambutan trees back at home..
    so sad i have to go back to college, tak sempat makan..

  4. Wow…excellent photography skills…your rambutan looks like its jumping out of my computer screen..must go cari rambutan now!!!

  5. Rambutan is my favourite other than duku langsat. Can’t stop eating until u completed everything. KL weather is v ery hot nowadays. Don’t dare to try it now.

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