Recipe : Tomyam basic stock


It is as easy as 1,2,3 to prepare tomyam at home.

Just get yourself a small bottle of tomyam paste in chili oil. Found in supermarkets under brands like Tae Pee (best choice), Ferry, White Pigeon or Singlong. Add them to the soup. Don’t bother about those dry powder type.

To make the tomyam soup kick-ass, add these:


Kaffir lime leaves and lime juices.


Ginger flower (bunga kantan), lemongrass and coriander leaves. The above shows the coriander leaves from Thailand (?) which is way different from the other type found commonly. Called ‘kharn sai’ in Cantonese or guan sui in Hokkien. Use the whole plant of the coriander, including the roots. Clean well so there are no sands.

Lots of bird’s eye chillies

Boil all the above with some chicken bones, onions and tomatoes. Sometimes, if I have prawns shell, I will dry fry them and then, blend the heads and shells in a blender. I mixed them to the stock. Remember the fish sauce too!

After that, sieve all the above and what you get is a pot of very nice soup.  I don’t like my tomyam with all the above items floating. It is annoying having to pick out bits and pieces of lemongrass or chillies from the soup.


What’s tomyam without prawn, right?

And mushrooms! They are so delicious and flexible. Can be used in any type of soup and they are pretty too. Canned ones are good choices too.

How I assembled the tomyam together will be posted in my next post. (I had been taking lots of photos so posts will be coming up fast and furious. :) )

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  1. I’m starting to like this blog a lot =D fantastic fantastic

    Seriously, I’m very into cooking as I’m left alone without lunch or dinner at times =/ very murderous to the perut

    I mean, wats a guy if he can’t cook? 😛

  2. Creepy!! i was just thinking yesterday that i must learn to make a good pot of tomyam soup and today, it’s here! :-O

  3. Me & hubby just love tomyam… anyone from Pg can suggest a good place serving tom yam ? We use to go to Cempaka Biru if i’m not mistaken near Kayu Nasi Kandar at Pg Road. We went the other day, they close the shop already….. 🙁

  4. sooi2 – Hahaha, I am a mind reader. Trust me, it is easy to DIY. And we can be flexible with what we put inside.

    DLT2 – Come by often, you are most welcome!

  5. Lilian,
    Thanks for the info. Looking at the pic you took brings back the memories. Tried the food accross sheraton, but not the tomyam. Will try next time.

  6. Agree that the Tae Pee brand of tom yum paste 🙂 I know cause I’m a tom yum freak.. heh.

    For pretty good authentic Tom Yum, I know of 3 places in Penang.. tried others and these three make tom yums the closest to the ones found in Thailand

    1. Cherry Sweet – Clove Hall Road. This place is somewhere near Northam Tower… after passing that, lookout for a turning on the right (2nd or 3rd I think). You will see Ambank as well. After turning in, head straight on the restaurant will be on your right. The belacan chicken & deep fried kangkong are both good as well.

    2. Sebai Sebai
    Housing area near Batu Lanchang market. Its infront of a playground field, just before the Y split junction infront of KFC.

    3. Bukit Genting Thai Restaurant.
    This one is located abit far off at Balik Pulau, atop of a hill. The road going up is pretty steep and narrow (cement pathway through jungle). Coming from the airport just keep heading straight for Balik Pulau.. after passing the left turning to Gertak Sanggul, head straight and you’ll start going through the windy road. Somewhere along the way there will be a water tank on the right. The turnign to Bkt Genting is on the left, small signboards are placed on the left.

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