Recipe : Tomyam Kung with mushrooms

After getting a nice pot of tomyam stock, you can start experimenting with the ingredients.  Anything is fine because if the soup has enough flavour, everything will taste good.

I added a few tiger prawns, which is ideal for tomyam because tiger prawns are sweet and has firm flesh.  Top it with some squid balls which absorbed the soup.  Add lots of mushrooms.  I used both enoki and oyster mushroom.  Another important ingredient is the coriander leaves.  (remember to use the roots and stems to boil the stock)

This is the tomyam paste in chillie oil.  It is made in Thailand.  Normally pastes like these tend to have more oil than they should (the oil is to preserve the paste, I suppose) so it is wise to skim off the oily layer in your tomyam soup.

I added bihun (rice vermicelli) to the tomyam soup and served it as a meal.  Yummmmm.

Recently, when I was in Cooking Island, husband & wife, Lawrence and Erina recommended the above bottle of dried chillies prawn to me.  It costs RM6.50 per bottle and is an excellent accompaniment  for many things.  (will post my spicy spaghetti next time).  I added a teaspoon to the tomyam, just before serving and it added the extra zing to the tomyam.  Goes well with instant noodle, sandwiches and even white rice.  (remember to remove the layer of oil though)   Both my eldest son and I had been reaching for the bottle (which does go a long way though it is just a small bottle) whenever we have our meals.  Hahahaha, we are addicted to spicy foods.  Of course, you can fry your own sambal hairbee (dried shrimps concoctions) with the recipe given in my  Food Haven blog.  But this bottle is so convenient.

Now that you know how to make your own tomyam, you don’t have to put up with ‘almost there, but not quite there’ tomyams.   You can twist the tomyam flavour to suit your taste buds anyway you like.

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  1. Thanks Lil, will give it a try. The last time I cooked tomyam, it went down the drain as I put too much fish oil. Thought that gives the pungent taste, and i didn’t know about the coriander leaves.
    I don’t know if you ever tried Rest. Chiengmai in Sg Buluh, the bestest tomyam we ever had. To get exactly like that is still a mistery, next time you are here, spare some time I will take you there. A good cook must know how to ‘replicate’;).

  2. I just love tomyam..and ur meehoon tongyam kung really make me drooling liao..

    I wonder DIY stock able to keep for how long if put in freezer? If can keep 3 months above then I’ll make for myself lor..those ingredients seem like hard to find here..:P

  3. Regarding freezing your food in the freezer. I have some tips to share :
    1. The container you used must always be clean.
    2. Temperature is very important too.
    3. Whatever you cook and intend to keep in the freezer, should let it cool first
    4. Depending on the items – some can be kept as long as 6mths to a year
    5. Whenever you want to frozen any of the items remember to devide the portion to the amt you want to used everytime. Don’t keep on defrost and freeze it again and again.

    I am not a professional but learn from Lilian – sharing is a happy thing

  4. Sometimes I like to add in a little coconut milk and a bit of sugar.. tastes pretty close to the ones I’ve had in Hatyai.

    De Changmai in Sg Buloh also serves great tomyum as mama23beas mentioned. Right in the middle of the kampung area and you’ll see this huge mansion place. They also serve this tom yum “special” with a different twist to it, as they add in of what appears to be like peanut sauce.

  5. To get more aroma, this is what I had been thought by this thai’s chef – cut some of the lime peel and put into the tomyam. Smell even better. Not too much!!!

  6. I love tom yum, and have tried so many recipes. Somehow, can never get it as thick and yummy as those served in Thai restaurants. I’ll give this a try soon.

  7. […] I got myself this and feel so good slurping down the soup and mushrooms. You can get the recipe for tomyam on this site as I have cooked it countless of times. But what makes this bowl difference from my previous batches of tomyam is the addition of coconut milk. I added several tablespoons of coconut milk to the soup to make it a smoother flavour. Learnt it from a Thai tomyam stall. […]

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