Review : Chinese Beef Koay Teow (Gu Bak Koay Teow)

Long time ago, there was this wooden shack in Jalan Perak, Penang which sells beef steamboat plus some exotics stuffs like snakes. I heard that they have moved to Restoran Kam in Jalan Gottlieb. Though I had been to Restoran Kam a few times, I always ended there without a camera. The reason I don’t quite like the place is because one get choked up with the smell of steamboat and you need to go back and bath immediately. However, their beef soup is good. But of course, more expensive than elsewhere.

So, there was this other place that I used to go to for Beef Koay Teow in Taman Pekaka in Sungai Dua. However, the guy had disappeared. And I finally found the hawker again today at Goodall. (Goodall featured in Food Haven)
Most Chinese don’t eat beef because of their Buddhist restrictions. So, beef is not found everywhere. Moreoever, only a handful of people knows how to cook a great beef soup.

They practically cooked the whole bull in there. You can find any parts of the cow including intestine, tendon, stomach and other unidentified floating objects. If you fancy some testicles, they have it too (but I am too embarassed to ask the Chinese guy).

A bowl for one person costs only RM5. It is a huge bowl compared to the Indian Muslim version. The soup is almost a clear soup and the taste comes from brewing the beef and bones for hours. I like this stall in Goodall because there isn’t overpowering smell of any herbs.

Previously, this stall in Goodall was run by another guy who labelled his stall as ‘Weld Quay Beef Koay Teow’ but his wasn’t as nice. This current guy who is selling has a much better soup. You can recognised him from his heavily tattoed and muscular arms. If you notice, all the hawkers who sell beef koay teow seems to be very macho and have tattoos. I wonder why?

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