Review : Authentic Thai hawker stall, Tesco Penang

I detest foods from foodcourts and will go out of my way to eat elsewhere if I can. However, it is the opposite for the foodcourt in Tesco, Penang. I will go all the way there to have lunch and tea.

This stall name Authentic Thai is the reason. The Thai girls used to be travelling from shopping mall to shopping mall to promote their Thai foods until recently when they settled down in the foodcourt in Tesco.

They sell all sort of noodles and my favourite is the somtam or green papaya salad (kerabu). Besides that, they also have mango rice and super lemak coconut icecream.

With the durians in season, I buy the glutinous rice steamed to perfection and eat them with durians. Yummy!

What I like about the Thai girls are their generousity with the ingredients. The standard of their foods are always consistent and the flavours always just right. Do try their Thai somtam, very, very addictive! This is one of the point that Thai hawkers stood out from our local hawkers who tend to either increase their prices or lower their standard when they got famous. The girls had been here in Malaysia for years and so far, nothing changes.
Other noteworthy foods to try at Tesco foodcourt are the Sarawak Cha Chu noodle stall and the Malay rice stall (available for lunch only). They also have toasted bread and teh tarik and cucur udang which are good.
I had posted about the Thai foods like somtam and mango rice earlier and you can check from the related links for the individual posts.

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3 thoughts on “Review : Authentic Thai hawker stall, Tesco Penang


    (July 8, 2006 - 2:53 am)

    It ain’t that easy to get nice n reasonably priced thai food around here in PJ =/


    (July 8, 2006 - 5:15 am)

    you’re quite funny on the first paragraph. I’ve long time didn’t taste or cooked thai recipes. it’s quite gastronomical to my stomach. 🙂 My mum used to sell those bottled tomyam and as I had to eat those almost daily. lolz. If thai food prepared well, its tingering.

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    (July 13, 2006 - 2:24 pm)

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