Ever try a durian fritter (cucur durian?)

I find this such a novelty so I better blog it first before I blog about the place that serves this.  (the seafood place is non-halal)

I went to Hai Boey, Gertak Sanggul and they told me that this is a ‘once-a-year’ speciality.  Durian fritters!  Served on a bamboo leave, how authentic.

Nice view or not?  Can see the island far away?   It is such a nice thing to do.  Having durian fritters with the family, by the seaside.

Don’t ask me how to make durian fritters because this is the first time I heard of it.  But if you know how to do it, please tell me.  It is delicious!  I guess they mashed the durian pulp and added some flour to bind it.  Then, they dip it in some batter and deep fry till crispy.  I wouldn’t dare to experiment because I bet they must splatter a lot of oil.

Macam mana, ada resipi untuk cucur durian tak?  Cucur durian tak sama dengan cok kodok sebab, isinya tak ada tepung, cuma isi durian sahaja.  I think it will be a nice way to dispose off the less tasty durians this way.

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  1. […] Compare to Good Friend seafood (in Teluk Kumbar), I prefer Hai Boey because their dishes are more unique.  They have a huge kitchen and hence, service is fast.  I bet all these guys must have ‘graduated’ from some bigger restaurants, looking at the way they handle the fire and woks. We started with durian fritters which is unique and yummy. […]

  2. Where’s the durian seed???? I hope they don’t use their mouth to peel the meat and seed, otherwise….ewwww. LOL.

  3. Durian are my favourite. Maybe can do some experiment and if I success, will definately share the recipe with u. Got to be fast too coz now is durian season. What a new thing to learn!!! Interesting and challenging.

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