Penang X-Jam : Skateboard, BMX and Inline Skating

If you are around Penang this weekend and are interested in extreme sports, you may want to check out the event going on at the Penang Youth Park. Details and schedule can be found here .
These photos are taken by my son (heh, proud mom here) during the preliminary rounds. He did not participate because the obstacles were too tough for him as a newbie. Skateboarders, inline skaters and BMX-ers from all over the country are here for the competition.

This is the youngest participant, only six years old. A Japanese expatriate family whose two sons skate with my children every day. The little guy has a future as a pro-skater. He is fearless, determine and very, very active.

In extreme sports like these, spectators who are not familiar with the games will be biting their nails by the rink because falls, bumps and bruises are common. The St. John Ambulance personnels and an ambulance is on standby for casualties. Of course, nothing untoward happen because all of these skaters are used to their games.

The obstacles are specially built for this event and consist of a ‘jongkang-jongkit’ or see-saw ramp and another one which was supposed to have a pool of water measuring 4 feet wide. The ramp is built by Pa’din Musa who is one of the more famous pro-skater in Malaysia. Another equally famous pro-skater, Thong Kar San who works in Cool-Element was also here for the competition. Therefore, my children were very thrilled to see their idols in action at the same spot right here in Penang.

Skateboard is considered an expensive sport because the cost of a decent skateboard is not within the reach of many youths. It can easily cost RM200-RM400 for a basic set-up. However, I hope our Sports Ministry will continue supporting these extreme games because it is a good avenue for the youths to sweat it out and fight it out in a healthy way.

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    (July 9, 2006 - 11:06 am)

    Hmm … it’s been a long time since I last skated with Pa’din. He’s gone a long way from back then. I guess you’ll suceed if you persist. Still remember skating outside his house in mainland. Was the one who pulled him on my bike to propell him over 2 or 3 barrels and fractured his wrist. LoL

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