Nasi Briyani dan Nasi Dalca from Little India

We like to go to Little India for our dinners.  There is the Ananda Bahwan and Madras Woodlands which we go to rather frequently.  Recently,  we notice this stall with huge pots  doing brisk business.  So, we checked out the palace two nights ago.

There is no  stall, no display glass window, no proper name, no proper seating except for a little shop with sparse furnishing.  So, I will just put the little bill with the address here.

You only have two choices.  Briyani or white rice serves with dalca (a kind of vegetarian curry). This is the lamb curry with briyani.  The rice made me sweat buckets eventhough it is not spicy.  Must be the pepper.

A thick curry with  vegetable like green banana, carrots, potatoes and green chillies.  First time I eat green banana cooked in curry.  Nice.
Normally, I neither like briyani nor dalca (one being too rich, the other too bland) but I find the curries and rice at this place, called Dalca Corner tasty and palatable.

The owners are Hindus and hence, there is no beef.  Only chicken and mutton.  Both of the meats are cooked till very soft and flavourful.   No wonder the place is packed eventhough the pots are placed along the five foot way.  Compare to all those nasi kandar chains, this place is way better.

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  1. Gosh! Those pix sure got me drooling all over the place! And SO cheap too!!! That works out to only AUS$10.00!!! Can’t wait to grab the chance to go to Penang! Been there but nobody to bring me around…so dunno the lubang!!! Not really impressed by the food…those places that I went!

  2. STP – Ask Bro. Paul to take you around lah. Or are you hinting for me to blanja you?

    Neo – Hehehe, like that all the visitors come to Penang, I blanja, I mah pokkai? LOL.

  3. sedapnya liliaaaaan!! I feel like going back to Penang now. Nak makan Kapitan Chicken Curry with Nasi Beriani at Hameedia Restaurant. Yums.. My mouth watering already… Shroot shroot!!

  4. Yalah! Ask Brother Paul, I have to pay…he no money wan, already taken vow of poverty, chastity…! Go with u better, u bring ATM can pay!! He he he!!!

  5. STP – Ok ok, I belanja you but you must bring Bro Paul. Want to ‘establish connection’ so that I don’t have to face the teachers every once in a while and kena lecture ‘cos my sons never do homework lah, talk too much lah, play too much lah, daydream too much lah….Deal?

    fire80 – Yeah, my hobby to torture people with life sizes food photos. Hahaha. Hameedya? Macam dah 10-20 years I tak pernah pegi. *add to list of ‘to eat’ ”

    maR – First time I makan pisang tak masak. Rasa macam ubi

  6. Being a singaporean we tend to think good food comes from Penang.I have had nasi dalca in Kassim Musstafa in Bayan Lepas a few times when I visited Intel Penang.The guys over there were generous enough to “Belanja” us “makan makan” their best food there.

    I cant wait for another penang assignment.

    PS: I am not saying singapore has no good food there is pleanty, but authentic Indian Muslim/Arabic food like payala and beriyani is the best on that island far away to the north.

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