Review : Ipoh Old Town Kopitiam (Part 1 – Ambience)

We were driving aimlessly and hopelessly lost around Ipoh old town last evening.  We ALWAYS get lost in Ipoh because of the bad and missing road signs in the older part of the city.  At 8 pm, with  grumbling stomachs, we stumbled upon this majestic building with quaint facade.

Ipoh Old Town Kopitiam in Jalan Tun Sambanthan, right across a big field with a giant flag of Perak.  The exterior and interior have the old charm of bygone era, during the colonial times in Malaya when Hainanese (that’s me!) come to Malaya to set up kopitiam or coffeeshop.

With marble chairs and tables like these  and nice cuteleries, I usually will overlook the quality of food.  (which will be posted in Part 2)
The restaurant has two sections, smoking and non-smoking.

While waiting for our foods, we snapped photos of the decor.

The history of the white coffee. A bigger photo can be found here.

I found on Google some less flattering comments about the branches of Ipoh Old Town Kopitiam but I suppose these are all the hiccups faced when one spread their franchise.  However, you may want to read Pummkin Pitch’s Stopover in Penang about the charm of old Ipoh here.

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    (July 20, 2006 - 2:52 pm)

    The best place for Ipoh white coffee is Restoran Sun Yuen Loong.


    (November 2, 2006 - 12:44 pm)

    dear sir,

    just wonder, is the old town kopitiam doing franchise?



    (November 15, 2006 - 1:46 pm)

    halal ke tak ni?

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