Review : Ipoh Old Town Kopitiam (Part 2 – Food)

This is the follow up of Part 1 of Ipoh Old Town Kopitiam.  Fire Ice is the name of this Hongkong Polor (pineapple) bun.  It is a toasted polor pau with a huge chunk of cold butter inside. It tastes as good as this photo looks.

A hot cup of Hainanese coffee which kept me awake all the way from Ipoh to Penang and way past midnight.  :)  My children and hubby had other coffee and tea drinks too.  For non-coffee lovers like them, they did say the coffee and tea were good.  My Hainanese coffee is very ‘kau’ and full of flavour with no sourish after taste as can be found in some coffees.

The brown bread, toasted and slathered with lots of seri kaya and chunks of butter. It goes well with the half-boiled eggs.

Nasi lemak ayam rendang.  This is the coconut milk rice served with a big piece of chicken rendang, papadums, cucumber and a very spicy sambal ikan bilis.  Though I do not usually like rendang, I must say their chicken rendang goes well with the nasi lemak.

We also had the Ipoh kueh teow soup which is a nice, prawn stock served with the flat rice noodles and garnished with prawns and chicken slices.  Unfortunately, the photo did not turn out well due to the dim lightings.

Overall, Ipoh Old Town Kopitiam is a great  place to hangout after a long drive from Kuala Lumpur (to Penang) because of the nice ambience, cheap food and good & fast services.  If I am not mistaken, the place serves pork-free meals.  Many locals went there just for a cup of coffee too.

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  1. yummy…. was looking for that restaurant too the last time we went to Penang (on our way to Penang), but no luck cos hubby lost his way in Ipoh and the bunch of friends behind us started ngi ngi ngor ngor liow…….. aiyo… must take tissue to wipe saliva already..

  2. hi lil, bila tengok apa yang ada kat Ipoh Old Town Kopitiam, I immediately recommend my best friend about it. All that sedap mata memandang foods boleh membuatkan I nak pegi ke sana…. ;p meleleh dah air liur bila tengok that kow black coffee makan dengan toasted bread fuyooo tak nampak telinga I sendiri 🙂

  3. The curry mee is pretty good too… but skip the glutinous rice kaya – it sucks!!!

  4. Is the kopitiam halal? I would like to recommend it to my Muslim friends. I like the Ipoh Hor Fun (RM5.50) too. Very alike the ones in Ipoh. Thumbs up for Old Town Kopitiam.

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