Review : Nasi Kandar Istimewa Shariff, Glugor – Memang shiok!

Guess what can cause at least 20 person to queue for at least 20 minutes by the road side?

There are no proper place for the tables and chairs. Only the five foot way.

That’s the only way to savour Nasi Kandar Sharif in Glugor Penang. To get there, turn in from the traffic lights in Glugor, go to the backlane and come out the other side because the road is a one-way street. Just outside 7-eleven (can be seen from the photo above). Where is Glugor? It is right after USM but before Green Lane.

I think it is Bart who told me about this place (in a comment in my blog sometime back). Well, I must say that this place is certainly famous because throughout the time I ate there, the queue always have at least 20 persons waiting patiently for their turn.

I had prawns, squids, beef and okra and the price is only about RM5+ which is considered cheap if we compare with those mass production nasi kandar stalls. The beef is really delicious and tender. The curries are all cooked the traditional way and taste like how nasi kandar should.

My hubby had the tomato rice with fried chicken, vegetables and soya bean cake. Also very kick.

So, if you have patience to queue up, head over to Shariff Nasi Kandar. It is just a small push cart stall amongst a sad looking row of hawkers. Remember your mathematics. If there are 20 persons queueing, they may be buying an average of 2 plates/packets of rice. So, let’s say the stall owner takes 30 seconds from scooping to packing, that means you have to wait for at least 20 minutes to get your turn. But if the customers are fickled minded and takes another 30 seconds to decide what to choose, then you will probably faint in the queue! LOL!

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  1. 3 years in USM. I only tried it once. Not to my liking. NAsi Kandar Kpg Melayu still the best (U probably dah bosan reading this) LOL.

  2. This is my favourite nasi kandar stall. My friends who have left penang still talk about it and when they are back, they never fail to drop by. The good food and the good ole uni days memories.

  3. So far, I have been there twice. The first time was 3 years ago, and at that time, the queue was very long. The second time was just 2-3 weeks ago, and strangely, there was no customers, even the seller was missing, and someone from the next stall had to come over to attend to me. It almost made me wonder whether I was at the righst place. The food that night is not as good as I had 3 years ago. I shall go back there again soon, just to reconfirm my recent experience – as it’s not matching with my expectation.

  4. Oh yes… that’s the best Nasi Kandar stall that I have been to. 3 years studying in USM, I always eat here whenever we have the chance to go out from USM. I am coming back to Penang this August. I tell myself that I must visit this stall again. I like to go to Taman Lip Sin for the Roasted Duck Rice and SunShine Square Food Court for the Tomyam Mee. Can’t wait for my upcoming holiday. Hope that I have the chance to meet Lilian.

  5. woah..that’s my fave nasi kandar stall when i was a student in usm. their kapitan chic is simply unbeatable !!

  6. Yup, another USM fan here. Seriously, I can’t find another nasi kandar stall that can beat this one. You should check it out during rainy days…the queues are just as long and people are still very patient!

    Lilian – my former boss used to say that there’s one nasi kandar shop in town which is the BEST in Penang from the 80s/90s till now. You know it ah? Wanna try…

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