Buah (fruit) pulasan photo

I had written a post about pulasan last year. But since it is one of my favourite fruit, I am going to make another post again. It costs RM4 per kg and my hubby bought them from Kulim, Kedah.

The red, spiky skin is actually not sharp but opens easily with a twist. I like pulasan over rambutan because it is not as messy and it always taste sweet. However, pulasan is hard to find and usually, they don’t come as fresh looking as this bunch.

Close up, they actually look like durian with red skin. 🙂

The translucent whitish flesh is sweet with no hint of sourness (unlike rambutan) and it peels off easily from the seeds. If you are a [tag]tourist[/tag] in [tag]Malaysia[/tag], do look out for this fruit and try it. Don’t let the spiky, dark red skin turns you off. This is another seasonal tropical fruit that looks weird but tastes good.

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  1. OMG, I haven’t seen these fruit for more than 20 years. I thot they oredi extinct. Thanks for the great pics, auntie.

  2. Wow, Mumx5, you sure know how to make a ‘faraway Malaysian’ sullivate. I ‘lau-nuah’ already lah….oops, onto my keyboard.
    My ‘kwai low’ hubby also loves durian but £5 per kg, tak boleh tahan lei.
    Thanks for sharing through your blog. Just came across it through Lydia and Wingz.
    God bless.

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