Recipe : Fennel & shrimps in cream sauce pasta

I used the fennel to make a gratin but midway, my oven konked out temporary.  So, I took out the casserole and place it on the gas stove.  It seem to take an eternity to cook.  Finally, I dumped in the sauce and the half-boiled farfalla into a wok and simmer it.  Voila!  A scrumptious pasta!

Here’s the recipe which I had experimented with.  I checked out some of the recipes on the net, took whatever ingredients I find in my fridge and assembled a rather nice combination.  I was afraid the fennel’s smell will be too strong for my children so I used lots of butter and cream cheese.  Surpisingly, after cooking, the fennel has a different smell that is not so ‘sharp and tangy’ and it even tastes much more ‘smoother’ and not as fibrous when eaten raw.  It tastes like firm texture mushrooms.

1 head of fennel, cut off the stems and slice the fennel thinly (to make sure it is not fibrous)

4 tomatoes – de-seeded and skinned, quartered
half bulb of garlics – chopped

3 tablespoon of butter

1/2 cup of water

1/2 cup of cream or I used cream cheese mixed with water

200 grams (about a handful of shrimps)

Salt, pepper, black pepper

Method :

Heat butter and stir fry chopped garlic till fragrant but not browned.  Add  fennel, tomatoes and water and leave to simmer till fennel is easy on your tastebud.  (limp but not too soft) It takes a while for it to soften.  When soften, add cream, salt & pepper and the shrimps.  I added in a dash of XO (the liqour) which makes the cream sauce very rich.

Boil required amount of pasta and serve by topping the cream sauce on top.

Overall, the fennel makes a very good vegetable for this cream sauce because it provides the ‘bite’ to the pasta.  I added the little green leaves just for decoration.  I am not sure they are edible ‘cos most recipes I read, asked for the stems and leaves to be removed.

Now, I am ready for another head of fennel to try out the other suggestions from the readers.