St. Anne’s Church, Bukit Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia

I went to St. Anne’s yesterday night. Traffic was manageable because the road was monitored by uniformed traffic police (I think so 🙂 because they were wearing raincoats) and the church grounds by traffic marshalls whom are parishioners of St. Anne’s church. I must applaud the church’s organising committee and their parishioners for their tasks in dealing with a huge crowd like these. Everything is so organised and orderly despite the throngs of worshippers and visitors.

It was raining so only I managed to get down from the car to pay my homage to St. Anne whilst my children and hubby waited in the car as there wasn’t any parking available nearby and the children had all fallen asleep due to the journey (about 40 minutes from Penang).

12th Station : Jesus dies on the cross
The church has erected statues depicting Jesus’s final journey which we call the Stations of the Cross. There are all together 14 stations (or is it 15? 🙂 ) and each illustrates the suffering Jesus went through. As Catholics, these remind us of the trials and tribulations we have in life and how we should also pick ourselves up each time we fall. (read Wikipedia for the explanation on the Stations of the Cross)

7th Station : The second fall

Simon is Jesus’s follower who offered to help Jesus carry the heavy wooden cross at some part of the journey. In our lives, we also hope to have friends like Simon, don’t we?

Even if you are not a Christian, you will most definitely find the beautiful grounds of St. Anne’s church which is built with Minangkabau’s influence breathtaking. Do make a visit there! While you are there, please do consider making a donation towards their



• To promote goodwill and community spirit through social and welfare services of the church.

• To provide free medical services as far as possible to kidney patients, irrespective of race, religion and place of residence.


Drop the donations at the Centre, or

• Send the donations to the Centre at the above stated address, or

• Call the Centre to arrange the handover of the donations.

All cheques should be crossed and made payable to the following:

Pusat Haemodialisis St Anne, BM.

(full details here)

Jesus’ body removed from the cross (The Pieta) and cradled in His Mother’s arm.
As it was raining last night, I did not manage to take many photos except for these few. (never expose your DSLR camera to moisture!) I hope to return another night and take photos of all these beautiful and touching statues.
The map to St. Anne’s can be found here.

If you are returning to Penang from St. Anne, do use the Bukit Tengah’s road which is a lot straighter than going through BM’s town. On the way back, do watch out for a restaurant, Look Yuen (I think) on your left. It is somewhere opposite some building with two stallions. If I remember correctly, it was the place we had lunch last year. It serves superb Teochew and Nyonya food. The sambal petai is to die for.

Added : Please visit Ah Lum’s blog for all the 15 stations of the cross. Thanks Ah Lum for telling me of your link. Wonderful photos.

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  1. I grow up in taman oppsite st anne’s. They used to open their grounds for evening excersise. I went back 2 years ago and things were very different. There was the sanctuary which was beautiful. And now the 12 stations? I think i should go back again, but not this weekend.

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