Recipe : Quick & easy sambal prawns

Large, fresh, firm flesh and sweet prawns are good to eat on its own. Grill or quick fry with some salt will bring out the best taste of the prawns. But sometimes, we need the spicy touch to the dish to mix with white hot rice.

So, I did just that. Add some spicy paste and a little onions for extra bite.

Cooking Island’s owner, Lawrence and his wife Elina asked me to try out this bottle of prawn noodle paste when I told them about making Hokkien Mee. I didn’t use the paste for my Hokkien Mee as I wanted to try doing them from scratch. So, I have a whole bottle of this paste to try out with other recipes.

What I did was, fry one onion and four large prawns till fragrant with a little oil. Add in the paste, about 1 heap tablespoons. Yummy.

Elina told me it will tastes great with fried siu bak (roasted pork) too. I have yet to try. I am not sure if Tean’s Gourmet is on sale in regular supermarket because they are made for exports.

Sorry for the messy plate ‘cos I have no intention of taking the pics until after I have tasted how nice it is. I only grabbed the camera after I had finished two prawns, burp.

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  1. I have been using this paste to make my ‘hei mee’ and it is so authentic minus all the preparations for stock. I will try using it for sambal prawns. Great idea. It looks great. Thanks.

  2. Um…looks absolutely delicious! Must try. Dirty plate, never mind! Like they say, the food is nicest in restaurants with the dirtiest kitchens!

  3. Beside this, you can also try using it to fried pork ribs or chicken wings. I love playing with ingredients. At least when you bought that, it will not only served one purpose. People will get bored of having the same thing so often. I have a suggestion, how about using it to fry noodle? Honestly, I have not tried it before. Maybe, I shall give it a try first. Will do it soon and share with all of you 😉

  4. Try adding in green chilli padi and ginger slices. Makes it more fragrant and spicy too.

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