Curries and cancer

I found an interesting article in the health section related to curries, onion and tumeric today.   So, let’s see what these two very common ingredients we use in our curries and probably eat a lot them have in the role of preventing cancer….

An ingredient found in many curries may help prevent colon cancer.

A small clinical trial showed the food chemicals reduced the size and number of precancerous growths in the intestinal tract. If left untreated, such growths commonly lead to colon cancer.

The experimental combination contained a chemical found in turmeric, the spice that gives curries a yellow color, and an antioxidant found in onions called quercetin.

The amount of quercetin we administered was similar to what many people consume daily. However, the amount of curcumin is many times what a person might ingest in a typical diet, since turmeric only contains on average 3% to 5% curcumin by weight,” researcher Francis M. Giardiello, MD, of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, says in a news release.

Because of this, Giardiello says simply eating curry and onions may not have the same effect as was seen in this study.   (full story on CBS news)

So, the next time we slurp down those hot stuffs, we know it is good, right?

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