Recipe : Deep fried tumeric chicken

I have a previous recipe for tumeric chicken but it was rather confusing to some because I microwave the chicken before frying.  So, I am going to put another recipe which is much simpler.  Since we know that tumeric is good for us, let’s pile on the powder!

I dislike fresh tumeric because it stains the fingers, kitchen top, blender and mortar and pestle.  It is very hard to remove the tumeric stains and one can only do so if we use washing detergents (for clothes).  So, I usually substitute with tumeric powder.

Recipe :

4 chicken thighs

1 small packet of tumeric powder (about 20-30 sen)

Fish sauce – generous dashes

Salt to taste


Oil  for deep frying
Method  :

Season the chicken for several hours.  Deep fry till the chicken are brown.


I normally fry them for a longer time so that the chicken are crispy and dry without the moisture.

If I am making big batches, I will microwave them for about 4 minutes to cook the inner parts of the chicken before frying.  This will save me a lot of cooking time.  Sometimes, I would add fennel and cummin powder.  But when I did not use these, no one notices too. 😛

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  1. It’s my family recipe too. I agree that powder tumeric is better but don’t forget to wet it into a paste that coats the chook more evenly. Dried powder tumeric chars too easily in deep frying, while the wetted powder prevents charred spots on the chooks.

    But I prefer wings because they’re less fleshy and more tender and sweeter. What I normally do [on Mum’s instructions and after much pinching and ear pulling from her – apprentice’s lot 😉 ] is to massage the wings (or even drumsticks which I cut a couple of slits to aid thorough cooking) with salt and a wee bit of pepper until the flavouring is satisfactorily applied. Then I do a second round of (albeit less vigorous) ‘massaging’ after I have poured the paste over the chooks.

    Then I let the whole lot sit (in fridge with gladwrap over mixing bowl) for a few hours. Slow deep frying ensures more crispy and drier outcome, whilst a high flame does that only to the outer portions whilst the inner or core part of the wings are still mosit and tender. Your choice. Sometimes I include liver and giblets too. Yeah, you guess it – I am from Penang. Bon appetit!

  2. i’ve never tried using fish sauce, maybe one day will do it. btw my colik (a guy) taught me to dry the chicken with plenty of kitchen towels first before marinade. it will be more crispy this way plus cover the wok/pot to prevent splattering and cook faster too

  3. HI ..great looking chicken..but must confess Istill ahve to addd in some chilli powder to give it some extra kick.. : )

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