Evening Heritage Walk/Trail

My sons’ secondary school, St. Xavier’s Institution had a Heritage Walk event to raise funds to repair their school. It was held in the evening and we joined the students to trek through the Heritage Trail of Penang.

This quaint old building had been beautifully renovated by the Australian couple.

Our state tourism has prepared a booklet on all the buildings located along the Heritage Trail. Do surf over to read more. Not every buildings are featured in the official map such as this very Chinese, very ancient looking building. So, if you are following the trek, be adventurous and explore all the nooks and corners.

As we walked around 9 pm, all these buildings were closed as the heritage trail is meant for daytime. I believe the state government is going to launch an evening walk soon. The above is the Hainan Temple which I had featured before.

I couldn’t resist taking a shot of these old couple who were standing out this building balcony. Awww…so sweet…

It was only yesterday that I discovered that we have so many interesting spots along this Heritage Trail. I will definitely go back and take a walk during the daytime. You try it too!

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  1. the last time before we hit the road to penang, heritage walk was one of the agenda, but when we are in penang, it rained throughout our 3 days trip 🙁 will go again end of this year… can call you for guide? hehe

  2. Angeline – Hahaha, even I myself also never really walk ‘cos it is either too hot or rainy. Don’t worry, the state tourism has prepared a very good guide with map. But I don’t know where to find that booklet. LOL.

  3. Its a great idea to have heritge walk. I doubt students from other schools are able appreciate these ‘not very popular’ heritage buildings. I used to walk from SXI to jetty bus station. Well…. I’ve learned lotsa things from my daily walk. Thumbs up for organizing this event. Bro Paul is one helluva cool Principal. Schooling gonna be fun if all Principals are like him. Bro. Paul for Chief Minister! LOL

  4. The heritage trails (there are 2 in pg i believe) are quite fun for a day trip actually

    does take a whole day too especially if you stop to take photos + check out each and every site

    was much fun for penangites to do what we consider a ‘touristy’ thing. i knew my lil group of 3 had fun earlier this year.

  5. Hello,
    I’m a student of SXI too. I’ve attended the Heritage Walk campaign well to raise funds for the renovation for our school. In fact, the renovation project is on its way now. What’s your son class?


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