A tradition of mee-koo

Hoe Peng is a little shop tucked in the older part of Penang Road, directly opposite Komtar main entrance. You can never miss the brightly coloured pink steam buns.

These pink buns are bought to offer to the deities. The buns are made of flour. Some of them are shaped like tortoises and peaches. I wanted to buy a tortoise bun but the shop refused to sell to me. I wonder why?

Though these mee-koos are commonly found on the 1st and 15th of each lunar moon, the best mee-koo is touted to be made by this shop, Hoe Peng. I decided to get one to try out a recipe suggested by Lawrence & Erina of Cooking Island.

A bun costs only RM3.20.

See how huge the mee-koo is? Only RM3.20! One can eat it as it is. Use it to dip in curry. Or what we used to do with stale mee-koo (stale as in hard but no fungus, ok?) is to dip in beaten egg and fry like french toast. Otherwise, one can just dip in salt water and pan fry. But surf over to my other blog to see what I did with them. (non-halal)

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  1. Lilian, the next time when you do it, you can cut the red skin away. Will taste even better. Also can put bbq pork.

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