Recipe : Beef curry – Resipi Gulai Daging

I bought some lovely beef shin the other day and wasn’t sure how to cook them as these meats are very tough. So, today, I thought of cooking curry but realised that I had ran out of curry powder. Not daunted, I decided to grind my own spices, something which I have never done before because I thought it is impossible to do.

However, my grounded spices turned out so lovely. I have a blender which comes with a grinder. So, I threw in handfuls of poppy seeds, mustard seeds, fennel, cummins, black pepper, white pepper, cardamons, cloves and whatever is in the pack of mixed spices I had.

Then, I blended large amount of onions, garlics, ginger, lemongrass and dried chillies.

Look at the mean looking curry paste! I added some screwpine leaves and curry leaves. I notice that those mamak nasi kandar curries always have daun pandan in their curry gravy. So, I followed suit. I discovered that using a tablespoon or two of ghee in curries make them taste so much more authentic.

I used the beef, two potatoes, three tomatoes plus a box of 200 ml coconut milk. Simmer them until the meats are soften. Of course, I use the pressure cooker which cuts down cooking time a lot.

And here it is, the most fiery bowl of beef curry with tender pieces of beef, soft potatoes and tomatoes that have given the gravy the reddish colour and also thickens it.

It is not that difficult to cook curries from scratch after all. The freshly grinded spices give the curry a really nice aroma without the standard smell of the curry powder.
This curry and the tomato rice I cooked taste sooo good and makes perfect combination. Even my kids have double portion of rice!

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  1. wow.. ghee and coconut milk.. doesn’t sound like a very healthy meal.

    hehe anyway interesting site. your posts always make me hungry. my sis loves ur blog.

  2. Wah Lillian, you are so rajin. Making curry paste from scratch. So red and fiery…. Sure its yummy too.

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