Off for holidays


I am going off to the East Coast for a short holiday in Terengganu and hopefull, Pulau Kapas or Pulau Gemia. Be back next week, just before Merdeka. Babe – My dish will have to wait till next week ya? Do participate in the Merdeka (cyber) Open House party. Check out the details on Babe’s blog.

Meanwhile, here are some posts on the trip I made to Pulau Redang:

Penang to Redang – Trip

Picture postcards from Redang

More pics of Pulau Redang

And my trip to Perhentian

LOL, I just realised that I never posted about Perhentian Island. Hmmm…I wasn’t that avid a photographer and blogger then.
But there is Pulau Banding and Kota Bahru Kelantan

If you like to see more photos, I have a whole album of 190 pics here on my Flickr site with sunset, beaches and scenery.

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  1. Aaaaaaaaawwwwww, it’s a Squirrel………!
    So CUTE!

    (Forgive me, I am a jakun urbanite who doesn’t see wildlife very much in the PJ/KL area)

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