Sata Terengganu- Grilled fish in banana leaves

Sata or Satah is probably Terengganu best kept secret. I had been to Terengganu four times and wonder why I had never heard or seen sata until now? It is simply the most delicious snack Terengganu has to offer. There are two variations. One is the conical shape one as seen above which I bought along the road leading to Merang. If you are going to Redang Island, you are bound to see these stalls lining the roadside.

The grilled sata which is selling for only RM2 per stick with four packets. Inside, there is the most flavourful and fragrant packet of fish paste mixed with onion, ginger and cut red chillies. These conical shape ones are not spicy and my children love them.

Meanwhile, another version which I bought from Seberang Takir near Kuala Terengganu has a different shape. This packet is very spicy and taste really nice. These are all freshly out of the charcoal grill and hence smell soooo good.

I did a google for Sata and am so glad that Boo has shared a recipe which she found from Flavours Magazine. It is made of blended paste of fish, onion, ginger, coconut, chillies and tumeric leave. Now, I can experiment making my own sata without driving 475 KM to Kuala Terengganu for them.

I have tried so many new dishes while in Terengganu apart from the regular Nasi Dagang and keropok lekor. Watch out for the Terengganu series…

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  1. I’ve prefer sata to otak-otak. Talk about Terengganu, I had to decline an offer for a free chalet (plus food) from 26 – 30 Aug at Perhentian Kecil because my friend informed me at such a short notice (3 days before). But, I received another offer for an all-expenses paid trip to Tioman early September from another friend, so I’m going. Yay!

  2. I’m glad your tried the satar. loads of good street food in terengganu. How ever the warungs don’t quite measure up, can’t figure out why..

  3. fire80 – I ate at Pasar Payang, nasi air bestnyer. Also went up the hill for fireball. More posts to come. And the nasi dagang from Primula ‘cos I stayed there for one night and it is in the breakfast buffet.

    babe – Ya, so many new things I haven’t seen in Penang. It is a journey of discovery.

    skyjuice – Tioman is one of the few islands I haven’t been to. Enjoy your trip!

  4. I agree with you about satar being Terenganu best kept secret, even my kelantanese in-law pun tak familiar with it when we bought it home after a quick trip to kuala besut.

    there’s another type of satar, it’s really slimmish small, the satar is put between a coconut leaf, looks like a miniature pulut udang. Sedap… sepuluh pun tak cukup!

  5. Perhaps you should look up for “PA-EH” or “PA-ES” the next time you come to Terengganu for your food hunting. This delicacy is made up from mixture of grounded coconut and fish (usually Selayang fish) and packed with banana leaf and then put on fire… similar to otak-otak, perhaps the difference is the packaging as otak-otak are packed with coconut leaf… by the way, have you tasted the RM45 nasi dagang place? Better than the one at Primula.

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