Nasi kukus Kuala Terengganu

Nasi kukus must be another speciality from the East Coast ‘cos I heard over TV3 that they are serving nasi kukus for Siti Nurhaliza’s wedding banquet.  A banquet attended by Sultans and other dignitaries.   Nasi kukus or steam rice is served in banana leaves rice.  The rice stall guy twisted the above into a cone and gave me to take  my own dishes.  WOW, the packet was so hot I couldn’t hold it whilst the rest of the people were so comfy with it.

The rice in their individual containers are freshly steamed until cooked.

The rice with curries.  I didn’t manage to take that many photos of the dishes because I wasn’t comfortable snapping away in a crowded lunch place like that.  There were at least 20 people queueing up for their lunch.

Here’s the sign of the stall.  I thought Sempoi is a loghat Penang?  Sempoi means very special.

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  1. err i cant remember where, but i rememebr this place in KL, chinese food, they serve rice steamed like that la … whats so special, sometimes my mom lazy to cook that many rice, she steamed it also … rice more fluffier …

  2. J – Yeah, it was eating all the time until no place in the stomach ‘cos fruit season now.

    alex – I was watching Siti Nurhaliza’s wedding live over TV3 when I wrote this so probably missed mentioning that the curries in KT is different from Penang and I like them.

    babe – I have never tried steaming rice before. Must try it one day. What is the water portion like? Same as rice cooker?

    earl-ku – Nasi kukus stalls are all over T’ganu. I think it is not so much the rice but those curries accompanying it. They have those chillies paste dishes and those very lemak stuffs.

    dragoncity – 🙂

  3. Sempoi now is used by AC Mizal as his tagline in his talkshow on Astro Ria Channel 4. As in AC DI MANA? AC DI SINI… ! SEMPOI….!

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