Review : Sushi Kappo Miyasaka Japanese Restaurant

Plate of sushi with salmon, butterfish and some big eye fish.  I like the way they present the whole raw fish, sitting on the plate like that.

Sushi Kappo Miyasaka Japanese Restaurant 

This restaurant has a very simple facade but has unusually large crowds. Some weeks ago, we were there for dinner and didn’t get to eat because the place was full and food supplies had run out! I saw many foreigners eating there so I suppose they must be famous through words of mouth.

Sushi Kappo Miyasaka is not your regular, tacky, mass production Japanese restaurant. It is neither the over-priced, over dressed Japanese restaurants. It is just a simple restaurant with simple decor and good food.

The owner of the restaurant, Mr. Jun Miyasaka is also the chef himself. Therefore, patrons can expect a certain standard from the food because Mr. Miyasaka personally prepares and supervise most of the foods.

This is the lunch set which my eldest son ordered. It comes with the plate of sushi in the first photo. The cost is only RM38 which I think is very reasonable. The sushi plate has three thick slabs of raw salmon, butterfish and that big eye fish. The tempura plate has two fresh prawns and other vegetables. Besides these, there is a large piece of fried fish, miso soup, chawan mushi, some stewed brinjals, seaweed and the plate of rice.

The yummy looking plate of rice with shredded chicken, seaweed and fish roe.

The dining area with regular tables and chairs.  You can also sit cross legged on the Japanese style platform.

Set lunch is available at only RM16. Seen above is the plate of bento belonging to the birthday boy with huge chunks of tender chicken. We celebrated my #2 son’s birthday at Sushi Kappo Miyasaka because my kids skateboard with Mr. Miyasaka’s two sons regularly at the skatepark.

But no, my review is not biased. 🙂 Sushi Kappo Miyasaka is really good. Try it! It is better than mass-production Japanese restaurants where they watered down the taste to suit local tastebuds and it won’t burnt a hole in your pocket if you eat at more upmarket Japanese restaurants. Lunch was RM106 for my children and I. I had the cha soba whilst my two younger kids had some simple dishes. Drinks only cost RM3 for regular soft drinks and sake is RM15 for a small cup.

Plate of cha soba or green tea, cold noodle sitting on a plate of ice.  RM20.
Sushi Kappo Miyasaka is located next to Hongkong Wongkok restaurant. The front of the restaurant is really simple looking with NO tacky red panda or anything like that. Just some greyish front with a simple black and white signboard.

Address : 397, Burma Road, 10350 Penang. Tel. 226 6251

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  1. wahh…looks so tempting leh…must try…actually i saw the restaurant already last week but didn’t try it coz dunno it’s nice or not…but since auntie lilian recommend so must try;)
    by the way auntie lilian, could u please link me to your blog… i’ve just started blogging yesterday…thanks!

  2. awww….now you’re just making me hungry! And lunch is still 20 minutes away. Oh, the agony of waiting….

  3. such fantastic looking foods and thanks for the ‘short cuts’ to try. i’m having a wonderful time.

    (try a spatchcock chicken….. flattened out chicken…… much easier the spice up and burn in the oven)

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