Roadside Chinese herbal and medicinal cooling tea

It is hard to miss these huge brass, water gourd shape containers when you walk along the streets in Penang. The large curvaceous, figure 8 containter is actually a replica of a fruit.

You can read more about it from my other blog here.  The brass container is use to store Chinese herbal tea. Nowadays, there aren’t that many of such stalls because everyone has gone into drinking the unhealthier alternative of gassy drinks. :P But it has also gone into ‘novelty’ marketing as I had seen a few of such stalls in the shopping malls in KL.

You can ask for Chinese medicine powder to be added to your herbal drink. The medicine tastes slightly bitter and many believed them to be very effective. The medicine is supposed to ‘cool’ your body down and hence, avoid getting flu and sore throat. But I have one advice. Do not take them if you are having your period, pregnant or breastfeeding. I had it once a long, long time ago and got the worst period cramps. I never dare to ask for the ‘bitter’ tea anymore.

On a hot day, a glass of chrysanthemum tea with honey is nice though.

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