Cheese, grape, strawberry, brie and cracker

This is a quick supper I put together for my kids. Since the photo looks so colourful, I decide to make a post just for it. It is basically crackers, brie cheese, Thompson green seedless grape and flame seedless grape plus strawberry.

Brie cheese is a type of soft cheese with not much taste (to our Asian tastebuds, i.e.) and needs to be enhance with something sweet like fruits.

A word of caution :

  • Remember to use an absolutely clean and dry cutting board.
  • Never give your small children whole grapes because they are choking hazards.
  • Pregnant mothers are cautioned not to eat Brie or any type of mouldy, soft cheese.
  • Moms, please make sure your child is not allergic to dairy foods and can tolerate cheese.

This is a good finger food for both adults and kids. The combination of the creamy cheese, saltish and crispy cracker, sweet and sourish fruits make it a delicious and nutritious quick snack.

Normally, it is preferred to use table water crackers but I found it a little too hard for small children. I had eaten this l crackers from 5-star hotels cocktail and found them to be delicious. In fact, I had to take a peek at the cabinet of one of hotel (when the waitresses aren’t watching 😛 ) to find out the brand of crackers they used. It turned out to be local made crackers which cost only RM2+ per big packet.

The famous cap ping pong creamcrackers manufacturer – Hup Seng produced these bite sizes crackers. They come in three flavours, i.e. original, cheese and vegetable. Nice eaten on its own too.

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  1. look gorgeous. thanks for the idea. Lara and Teguh love cheese. is it safe for 2yr old eat soft cheese like Brie? i know now i can’t cos pregnant due to the risk of mold etc. another soft cheese that i like is Camembert.

  2. vkeong – This one is not the squarish type, it is smaller, like 4 pieces to the normal size. Nice lah, very crunchy and kiam phang.

    rayhana – I also like those individual wrapped 3 pieces in one packet creamcrackers. Nice lah, with kopi susu.

    laramommi – I am not sure about that ‘cos it also depends on where you get yr cheese. But Matthew can’t tolerate cheese when he was younger, will vomit. Now, he can’t seems to get enough, can eat with no problem already.

    maR – Tks for that idea, I got all the stuffs, will try it.

  3. I like Philadelphia brand cheese spread with any cookies or chips. Their new one, Philadelphia + sweet chili, also very nice.

  4. this type of small serving is called canape. I sometimes put on some vegetables such as lettuce, carrot, cabbage and tomato with salmon, tuna, sausages, ham or any savoury item on top. Sometimes, i will put on some sauces – such as black pepper, mushroom or maybe just tomato sauce.

  5. zalinah – 😛 It is 7th of September. Is your grandma on the 7th too?

    J – Yeah, good and healthy

    Erina – So that’s what it is called. Hahaha, I had to use such a long name to describe.

    Prometeuz – Do check out Boursin (I read from Shaolin Tiger blog) ‘cos I just bought one garlic herbs one it is GOOOD. Expensive though, RM13+ for a tiny piece. Soft cheese. We finished it in one seating.

  6. hello lilian!

    If you like table water crackers you might also like the tesco low salt crackers (they have it in the penang branch tesco, blue wrappers but make sure you store them airtight in the fridge to retain freshness) I too find the local made crackers too salty and too oily. These crackers go very well with mature cheddar. 🙂 yummy yummy!!!

  7. cheese with crackers..Yummm!!
    Try them with some chutney toppings! That’s how most kiwi did it here,the results were to die for!

  8. Don’t like Hup Seng because the biscuits tend to have strong oily smell if keep for some times. Perhaps the vege oil they used is not fresh? Personally, I do prefer the crackers from Tiger brand. Not so oily.

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