Malaysia oldest rubber tree in Kuala Kangsar, Perak

Almost every students in Malaysia would have read about this oldest rubber tree brought in from Brazil. I remembered my primary school Ilmu Alam book showed a lone tree in the middle of Kuala Kangsar town. So, we went to Kuala Kangsar, expecting to find a tree in a middle of a roundabout or something.

But it turns out to be so different than we expected. We had to ask several people before we finally found the spot. However, we were actually looking up the wrong tree until another person pointed out to us. Hahaha.

Malaysia’s Oldest Rubber Tree

Rubber was introduced to the country in 1877 when H.N. Ridley planted nine trees in Kuala Kangsar. Just in front of the Kuala Kangsar District Office at the intersection of Jalan Tun Abdul Razak and Jalan Raja Chulan stands an imposing, old rubber tree. Believed to be the oldest rubber tree in Malaysia , it was an offshoot of the original nine. This century-old tree is still producing! (taken from Tourism Malaysia)

This is it. The grand old lady which has a little pot tied to it, probably once producing milk. It has a metal fence with official looking skirtings.

Well, we were merely passing Kuala Kangsar and it was fun hunting down this tree. But it certainly is not worth a trip to Kuala Kangsar just to look at it because there is nothing else to see. However, if you are in Kuala Kangsar, do take a drive around the town tosee the colonial past legacies like the Clifford College (which used to produce some of the best teachers in Malaysia), many majestic bungalows, the Sultan of Perak palace, the breathtaking bridge and Kuala Kangsar food. We had a nice dinner in Kuala Kangsar.

BTW, can anyone tell me what else is Kuala Kangsar famous for? Is it the pau? Where?

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  1. Kuala Kangsar is the best place to eat Perak food I guess. They got famous laksa Kuala, apam balik, rojak Kuala, cendol; there are stalls near the river and my dad/mom usually ‘tapau’ those stuff whenever if they come to Kuala.

  2. I visited Kuala Kangsar last August. Nothing to shout about. The tree was hard to find though. Then, in a sudden knee-jerk reaction, we gallivanted to Tanjung Rambutan to visit Hospital Bahagia. Yes, we’re crazy! LOL

  3. the beef curry pao which is famous is near to the istana. when you are heading towards the istana at kuala kangsar, there are those government shoplots/food area next to the river. it’s there. the beef curry pao is nice. it’s halal.

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