A healthy lunch for a change

I had been eating, eating and eating so many rich and fatty foods the last two days. So, for a change, I decide to whip up something light. I got one big, fat juicy tomato and half a yellow paper with chopped coriander leaves.

Throw a few cubes of feta cheese on top.

I did not add any dressings as the vegetables are juicy as they are. But just for photography purpose, I put some into half a wholemeal pita bread. The salad makes a nice fillings too, after I add a dash of mayonnaise.

I also steamed some fresh corn on the cob and everyone has a good time muching on it. Minus salt and butter. Just pure, fresh corn.

If only we can live on simple meals like these everyday…Hahaha, I guess not ‘cos we have so much good food to sample each day.

8 Replies to “A healthy lunch for a change”

  1. aiya, my komen i typed just now tiba-tiba got lost…aniwei, i feel like plucking off those corn off its cob from my computer screen…esp the one on top looks delisssshhhiousss!

    had been MIA for a while coz i quit working full time to go part time/freelance (the streamyx took forevah to come to my hse)….i developed a murderous mood from my “condition” (btw, i’m almost 18wks now! 🙂 ) i.e. being surrounded by noisy ppl (in the office) who bitch,bitch,bitch the WHOLE day long *piak,piak,stab,stab,stab*…so now i’m just spending my days working whenever i feel like it and trying out new recipes! 🙂

  2. I’ve been eating a lot too since starting my food blog.. i have put up almost 5kgs lol. I think i need to change to healthy (and non fatty) food too already

  3. vkeong – LOL, that’s why I write about places sometimes or else eat until no place / thing to eat anymore.

    sooi2 – Wuah…lucky you, work from home is the best choice for motherhood!

    earl-ku – cheese fattening…

    Prometeuz – The feta is evil, full of salt and fat.

    sharlene – Yum…KCF’s bones and skins are nicer than the meat. I can chew the small bones and eat them.

  4. For you or your children? I can’t get my daughter to eat vegetables… How-lah? I can only get her to eat papaya to save her bowels.

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