Fireball & western foods from Motel Desa

During our trip to Terengganu, we went to check out Motel Desa as suggested by fire80. It is a little place up in the hill, ideal for a quickie. Hehehehe. The place is so secluded and quiet. The official tourism leaflets produced by Tourism of Terengganu also listed fireball as one of 21 reasons to visit Terengganu. Go figure…

So, what is a fireball? It is fried icecream with raspberry sauce and whipping cream. Each ball costs RM5. My kids rated it as ‘good’.

Motel Desa must have a little colonial influences and serves Western Foods besides a few local dishes. Rare to find western foods in Kuala Terengganu as most of our meals were local foods.

My kid has the club sandwich, with roasted beef fillings.

Another one has fish and chips. The fish is tenggiri fillet which is fresh and sweet. Most fish and chips nowadays use the earthy smell dory so having fresh tenggiri is a good choice.

My eldest, hubby and I decided to have rice and we ordered several dishes, namely tomyam prawns, stir fried beef with ginger and this delicious fried sotong (calamari).

The squid is huge and the flesh sweet and not rubbery at all. The batter has the right mix of curry powder and was crispy and crunchy. It was the squid season and I regret that we cannot go for the candat sotong, which is catching squids at night with a hook. My hubby won’t be able to stand the seasickness and hahaha, I can’t handle four kids and a sea full of squids.

They gave us this huge boat shaped bowl of chillie sauce to dip the squids in. When we were in Terengganu, the weather was exceptionally cold. So, being in Motel Desa, on a little hill sort of gave us the cool holiday feel because we can see the brightly lit Terengganu town from where we ate.

Nice little cosy place to go, if you really, really have no other places to visit. 😛 And I said earlier, the word motel somehow gave me the nuances of ‘have a rendevous and quickie’ place. 😉

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  1. nice…may i know the exact location and how to go to this motel…thinking of going to terengganu next week before fasting month…

    by the way have u tried hainan town at marina bay area..near jetty there…?

  2. ela – I also follow the road signs. Terengganu tourism has very good pamphlets for tourists, so you will be able to find the motel in the map. I heard of the place but haven’t tried it yet. Is it good?

    MamaBok – Not really ‘cos it is not a very posh place.

  3. Hainan Town – dropped by at t place on last sunday..was packed with people…need to wait almost 1/2 hour before you are seated (must be the food is good then)…unless u make a reservation..then you can go ahead without queing up…hasnt got the time to queqe though cos it started to rain after that…but had a peep at what the guest was eating and also looked through they menu…i would say it is all seafood and it looks good…probably u can try next time and give some comment at ur blog here…


    1. Get good quality ice cream make balls using scooper and freeze.

    2. Make bread dough/ donut dough. Take some flatten and thinly wrap (if too thick take too long to fry and will melt ice cream) ice cream balls. Freeze again to freeze ice cream (use when needed).

    3. Deep fry. Make sure oil is hot before taking out of freezer. quickly fry until golden brown.

    4. For sauce dilute raspberry jam or any other flavour jam as wished.

    (I did not get this from a motel desa chef yonks ago or else he will be fired 😉 ).

    Alternatively on the beach esplanade they also sell Fireballs fried like pisang goreng. The ice cream filling melts a bit more.

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